Honeymoon Packing Essentials

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With the ceremony wrapped up and the guests sent home, it’s time for the first wedding night and then, it’s off to an exotic location to spend your dream honeymoon in love’s embrace! Yes, the most magical time in your life has begun, and there is no better way to celebrate your love than to pack your bags and set sail to a faraway destination.

With your hearts ready for an adventure, the only thing left to do is to make sure you leave no necessity behind. Don’t worry, here to ensure you have a honeymoon of a lifetime is the essential guide on how to pack properly for a romantic newlywed getaway.

Her travel essentials

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Are you a winter’s fairy-tale kind of couple, or are you a tropical getaway duo just waiting to dive into the warm ocean waters? The location you choose will greatly dictate your clothing essentials, however, there are several key pieces no bride should forget.

First of all, even if you’re off to a wintery wonderland, you want to have a decent pair of shades at hand, along with an accompanying sunhat for those long days spent outside. If your destination truly is an exotic one, you shouldn’t forget to bring stylish athletic swimwear to look your best at the beach or a winter-friendly wellness center.

As for your evening outfit, there is a lot of things to keep in mind. However, it doesn’t mean you should bring your entire wardrobe either. The key is in careful planning, taking into account the type of place you’ll be staying at, and the duration of your vacation. While you don’t need ten dresses for ten nights, you do need to bring three-to-four of your favorite evening gowns, including a short black one, a plain white one, and two festive designs.

During the day, as you’re exploring the surrounding countryside or trotting up and down a bustling metropolis, you want to be comfortable but also retain your unique style and flair. To that end, don’t forget a pair of sandals, a pair of your favorite heels that go with everything, and a pair stylish sneakers for that laid back, seductive look.

Don’t zip up your bag without throwing in a T-shirt and a light sweater in a variety of hues, along with a pair of skinny jeans and a couple of skirts, for his viewing pleasure only. Make sure your beauty kit is ready to roll, and you’re all done!

His adventure necessities

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With your luggage ready to roll out, it’s time to remind your hubby that packing 15 minutes before you leave for the airport is out of the question. So don’t leave him to his own devices, rather give him his list of essentials well in advance. You can leave the gadgets with him, making sure he’s packed a laptop, phone chargers, electrical adapters if need be, your hair dryer (and why not?) as well as some outdoor gadgets such as a GPS and a portable solar charger.

There is always extra room in a man’s bag, just enough for some of his clothes. Of which he’ll most likely wear one T-shirt and a pair of shorts for the duration of your honeymoon. So make him live a little and have him pack a proper shirt for every occasion, from a beachside party to a romantic evening out with the missus. A plain white linen shirt is a must. Leave the fancy jackets and dress shirts at home, after all, this vacation is all about comfort and spontaneity.

Complement his wardrobe with a pair of stylish jeans that fit him oh just right around the derriere, and don’t forget to make him bring a pair of elegant shoes, beach sandals, and sneakers. Much like your own bag, his should also contain a pair of shades, but with some manly accessories as well. He shouldn’t forget his favorite watch, and maybe some manly bracelets as well to spice things up. Remember to pack the essential undergarments as well and he’s ready to rock!

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When embarking on a journey of a lifetime, there are a million things that could go wrong, and they are usually associated with leaving a crucial travel necessity at home. With these essentials in mind, you will have no problem organizing a honeymoon of a lifetime with your soulmate.

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