4 Tips for a Flawless Wedding Day Smile

On your wedding day, you’ll want every little detail to be perfect, and this includes the beauty of your smile. Sallow teeth are both unflattering and unhealthy, so it’s imperative that you start working on your pearly white smile the moment you begin your wedding preparations. From choosing the food that doesn’t stain your teeth to makeup tricks, a few tips will ensure your sparkly white smile and amazing wedding pictures.

Eat healthy

Try to avoid eating food that stains your teeth or contributes to growing cavities. All the food rich in refined sugar is bad for your oral health, so you should completely eliminate it from your diet. Instead, opt for healthy food choices that will promote good oral and overall health, such as strawberries, milk, yoghurt, cheese, bananas, chicken and nuts. The vitamin C in strawberries will help keep the plaque away. Thanks to their stain-removing characteristics, strawberries are a natural astringent too. Introduce plenty of apples and celery into your diet, to protect the tooth enamel, and keep your organism strong. Thanks to the phosphorus and calcium they are rich in, your teeth will stay strong, healthy and stain-free. Avoid having too much coffee, wine and tea, because those beverages will stain your teeth a lot.

Use a few makeup tricks

When you start thinking about the makeup look for your wedding day, make sure you pay special attention to the choice of your lipstick. The best makeup is the one that will only enhance your natural beauty, so choosing bold red lips instead of a heavy smoky eye is one of the best ways to look stunning while also achieving the perfect smile. Red with a blue undertone, such as MAC Ruby Woo, is the perfect elegant colour that will make your teeth visually whiter. Thanks to its blue undertones, the red lipstick will cancel out the yellow hues on your teeth and offer you a flawless smile. Purple and green eyeshadows can also help with your smile, by deflecting any yellowness from the teeth.

Ask for professional help

Sometimes, makeup tricks and diet are not enough for perfecting that gorgeous smile because your teeth just need a little bit of straightening. Crooked teeth look unflattering and can cause serious problems and various infections inside your mouth, if your bite isn’t good enough. This is why you should start working on your gorgeous smile the moment you are engaged, if not even sooner, and smile without covering your mouth ever again. With modern braces that are completely see-through, you won’t have to be embarrassed about wearing them, because they’re discreet, but equally effective as the traditional metal ones. Therefore, look for the best Sydney dentist and get your plastic aligners that will straighten your teeth perfectly. Alternatively, you can have lingual braces, which are bonded to the inner surface of the teeth, offering you results just as great as see-through Invisalign.

Practice your smile

Practice makes everything perfect, and the same goes for your smile. Therefore, get in front of the mirror, and start looking for the best poses that will make your teeth look flawless. Furthermore, a genuine smile is the most beautiful smile, so when the picture taking begins, just think how happy you actually are and don’t let the burden of getting the perfect photos take over you. When you smile from the bottom of our heart, your eyes will show your genuine happiness, which will immediately reflect on the beauty of your smile.

Getting a perfect pearly white smile isn’t easy, but if you follow these four tips, you’ll have the most beautiful smile for your wedding day. Just avoid food that leaves stains, use some of the makeup tricks, go to the dentist’s if you need to straighten your teeth and remember that true happiness will make any smile flawless.

Contributed by Diana Smith