You Can Wear A Silver Dress on Your Wedding Day — Here’s How

From the talented designers that created Maggie Sottero, the stunning fashion label Sottero and Midgley was born. The avant-garde styling, winning fit, quality and selection have defined the Sottero and Midgley signature to brides around the world.

Despite the almost all-encompassing prevalence of white wedding dresses today, wearing a white is actually a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, white didn’t begin to be popular until the 1840s, when Queen Victoria of England married Albert of Saxe-Cobourg. Before this — and even for a few decades after — wedding dresses were a range of colours. In fact, the dresses worn on wedding days were often just one’s best dress, and that could be just about any colour. Unless you were quite rich, you wouldn’t buy a dress for one occasion. In the days before mass production of cloth and clothing, this would have been a frivolous waste.

Thankfully, today we can enjoy the best of all eras and economies, selecting a dress we love and will probably never wear again — and more and more people are adopting the old school tactic of wearing colours other than white. Of course, the jump to wearing red or green or blue on your wedding day might still be a bit much more some of us, which is why silver wedding dresses are a wonderful option. A wonderful option, and an insanely trendy choice.

Some of the most stunning wedding gowns by many top designers are being created in this shimmering metallic. They’re elegant, refined, chic and sexy, so you’ll look every bit the bride-to-be.

Interested in slipping into silver to say your I-dos? Here are three easy and ecummenical ways to do it.

A Hint of Silver

If you want to embrace this trend without forsaking white entirely, opt for a white wedding dress with silver detailing or embellishments. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds with a comfortable and stunning compromise.

Silver Overlay


There’s no doubt that silver stands out. To avoid looking more like a Vegas showgirl than a blushing bride, balance out the silver shine with a nude underlay. Not only is this super sexy (without being tawdry), giving your dress a diaphanous look without actually being see-through, but it gives the abundance of metallic bling something solid and understated to rest against.

Sleek and Silver

Since metallic colours like silver refract light, they can appear bigger than they actually are. This is why choosing a sleek and figure hugging silver wedding gown is a wonderful way to keep everyone’s eyes firmly on the prize: namely, you! A big, flouncy silver wedding dress will envelop the bride, as opposed to showcasing her.

Another way to keep your look from bordering on overbearing? Show some skin!

Your beautiful epidermis is a perfect complement to a silver wedding dress, offering a smooth, silky and natural juxtaposition to the sparkle and shimmer of silver.

See? It’s easy to slip into silver on your wedding day! Just use these styling tips to help you select a dress that’s befitting of a bride who knows how to shine.