The Beauty Regimen You Need to Start Before Your Wedding

Beauty can’t be bottled, so if you’re looking for a magic bullet to make you look instantly sensational the night before your wedding, you’ll likely be disappointed. Sure, a wedding-eve and wedding day pampering can go a long way to help you put your best face forward, but if you really want to shine, you need to plan further in advance. We’re talking months in advance.

Starting with six months before the big day, here’s your simple step-by-step, month-by-month pre-wedding beauty regimen.

6 Months Before the Wedding

It may seem excessively early, but you’re going to start your pre-wedding beauty treatment six months before your big day. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and either is your ideal wedding look. One of the first things you’re going to want to do is start a comprehensive inside-out health overhaul. This may be easier for some women than others. After all, if you’re already active and if you already eat healthy, you can just carry on as usual. If, however, you are a certified couch potato with a killer sweet tooth, now is the time to think about cleaning up your act.

First things first, start exercising. You don’t have to join a bridal bootcamp or commit to an unrealistic workout regime, but you should get active. It’s about more than trimming down, too. After all, your future spouse wants to marry you just as you are, so extreme weight loss for one day is not a healthy decision that is likely to stick beyond the “I do”. One of the main reasons you want to start a regular exercise regime prior to your wedding is because it will make you feel better. It will relieve stress, increase your mental clarity and focus and help you be the best bride you can be. And yeah, exercise will help you look amazing. You’ll enjoy a fitter figure, and more radiant complexion.

You’re also going to want to start eating healthier. Again, this will not only help you trim down, but it will help you look and feel more vibrant and alive, from the inside out. You don’t have to subscribe to any crazy diet. Just clean up your eating habits, focusing on enjoying more whole foods and healthier options. With showers and parties in the months leading up to your big day, perfection is more than unlikely: it’s undesirable. You want to enjoy these events, after all. However, the revelry should be the exception, not the rule. For the most part, keep your eating clean.

5 Months Before the Wedding

This is when you are going to want to start prepping hair and nails for the big day. Invest in regular manicures, as well as intense conditioning hair treatments so your locks look absolutely lovely. One manicure can’t improve a lifetime of nail biting, just like one hot-oil treatment won’t undo a consistently neglected tresses, but if you start showing your hair and nails some TLC now, they’ll be in amazing shape in time for your wedding.

Four Months Before the Wedding

It’s face time! Your face is going to be showcased in pictures for years to come, so now is the time to undertake a serious skincare regime. Don’t mess around: invest in quality and industry-trusted skin care lines like L’Occitane that are gentle on your face (and the planet) but can deliver noticable results. Use day and night time treatments, and be sure to include regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising in your daily regime.

Three Months Before the Wedding

You want your teeth to look immaculate on the day of your wedding, but you don’t want them to look unnaturally white. (Remember Ross Gellar in that episode of Friends?) That’s why you’ll want to book professional whitening three months before your wedding: to give the squint-inducing glare some time to subside. It takes time for stains to develop, so your teeth will still look great come the big day.

Word to the wise: for the best, most natural looking results, go to your dentist for whitening. These pros will be able to tell you what you can realistically expect from the procedure, and will be able to get you the ultimate results.

Two Months Before the Wedding

You’ve got eight weeks to go, so start working toward the more transient elements of your final look. One of the most important things to do is schedule a trial run for hair and makeup. You may need to try out several styles before you find the one you like best, or, it may be love at first application and up-do. What you don’t want to do is wait until your wedding day to get a glimpse of your end-look. Even if you are doing your own hair and makeup, you need at least two months to experiment beforehand.

One Month Before the Wedding

Time to get your glow on. If you plan to use a self-tanner or bronzer, start using it now, applying it gradually — and giving yourself time to remove it in case you get carried away. With four weeks until the big day, you will also want to indulge your epidermis in intense moisturising treatment. We’re talking head-to-toe moisture. Hydrated skin is firmer, younger and more glowing skin. One application will only get you so far. For best results, give your skin some time to really soak it in.

The week before the wedding…

You’re in the homestretch and now all your attention should turn to making sure you are rested. Sounds impossible, right? With so much to do, how are you supposed to make time for a solid 8 hours of sleep? You’re going to prioritise it above all else, that’s how. You’re going to avoid any late nights, and make time during the day for exercise, healthy eating and skin care. These good habits are what will show up on your face on your wedding day. Well, that and love, of course!

Now you know what you should do in theory, so put it into practice! Put your pre-wedding beauty regime in place today.

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