Perfect Bride Shoe Styles for Your Wedding Dinner

What’s the second most important accessory for the bride next to that gleaming gold ring? The shoes, of course! Peeking out from under your gown, the shoes will walk you up the aisle and stand you next to your partner. Then, they’ll help you kick up your heels at the reception. But that’s a lot to ask for a single set of shoes! Plenty of wedding planners advise an alternative and that is to pick up a second pair to help you stay on your feet during dinner and the long night of dancing to follow. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t need an excuse to shop for a second pair of shoes? Scroll through the bridal shoe collection at to pick your favorite shoes to wear during your first dinner as a married woman!

If you are looking for something shiny to flash a little bit of dazzle under the long hem of your dress, try metallics in either silver chrome or gold. The white leather Robbie III has a thick gold metallic heel that’s wide enough to carry you onto the dance floor with confidence and not too slender to trip you up, while the Ora shoe is a sensational, slender shoe in a white-gold color with a gorgeous, delicate upper of woven strands.

More flash can be found in silver and chrome shoes. How about the simple yet shiny and comfortable Nio II or the Jemma II, which feature a wide chrome bow that will charm and entice from under the hem of your dress.

Rhinestones and other gemstone embellishments will do the job of gleaming and glittering even while you’re fading a little bit from being on your feet for hours! Try low-heeled flats with an embellished upper or slippers made out of suede with some rhinestone bling on the low heel.

Colors worn under a white or cream dress can also look sophisticated and fun so why not opt for delicate pink and sand-colored flats or lace-up heels in soft suede.

Whatever second pair of shoes you choose, these are the first ones that you will wear in your brand new life, so don’t shy away from claiming your favorites. Whether they’re full of bling and dazzle or simple and suited for kicking off your bare feet so you can hit the dance-floor, these shoes should make you happy.