Don’t Make These Bridal Makeup Mistakes

The wedding day is the best day of many people’s lives, and the memories created there will last for a lifetime. The details are planned out to the finest detail, everything is rehearsed and checked. And the bride looks absolutely stunning: the dress fits perfectly, the hair is amazing and the makeup if flawless – most of the time. There are some brides who don’t put enough thought into their makeup and end up looking less than perfect. Not to worry: here is a list of things to consider to make your makeup bulletproof.


The best way to avoid a disaster is to try out the look. Agree with your makeup artist on something you like and let them do it at least once before the big day. If you spot something you’re not happy with, tell them there and then and let them fix it and mark it down on the design. Make sure you do it at least a week before the big day, because if you get an allergic reaction to the makeup, you want enough time to pass for it to be safe to apply different makeup on. After wearing the makeup for a day, see if any of the product has smeared or smudged, and make sure you tell it to your artist. If you have a change of heart after the rehearsal, tell your artist and they will tell you if you should have another rehearsal or not, depending on how big the change is.

Keep photographs in mind

There are special tricks to doing makeup specifically for photography, and your makeup artist probably knows them all. However, if your makeup is done by someone who is not a trained professional, or if you are doing touch-ups yourself, you should know these tips. Firstly, try to avoid any excess shine. This goes for everything from lip gloss to highlighter. Flash photography will reflect off the shiny surfaces and might disfigure your face or make you look extremely sweaty. Stick with matte shades with an optional dewy glow. Secondly, you should always contour your face. Even if you don’t usually do it or don’t see the point, if you want your face to have some shape and not look flat in photographs, some contour under the cheekbones and around the face can do wonders. Curl your lashes and apply a decent amount of mascara to make sure your eyes look open.

Make it your own

The worst thing you can do on your wedding day is try to look like someone else. It’s your day, and all of your friends and family know very well what you look like. You want to choose a look that is simply accentuating your best features. Use foundation that matches your skin color and a long-lasting concealer for flawless skin and add contour and highlight to define your face. When it comes to the eyes, you should stick to a range of natural to smokey, but not going too far into the dramatic looks. Apply a light blush, just to give yourself some color and play around with lipstick – you can make some great look changes there, and it’s something that won’t alter your look too much. You can wear fake eyelashes, but make sure that they are comfortable, because if you will be thinking about them falling into your eye the whole time – skip the hassle and stick to mascara.


Most importantly, make sure you feel beautiful in whatever makeup you have on, because you want to be able to not think about it at all during the entire day. You are the queen of the day and you will most certainly be the center of attention, no matter what makeup you have on, so just relax and enjoy your special day.

Contributor: Diana Smith