Bridal Trend Predictions for the New Year

Photo by Colette Allen on Unsplash

To those that don’t pay that much attention to details, all wedding dresses seem more or less the same. However, if you take a closer look you will notice that bridal fashion designers tend to make many interesting updates each year. If 2018 is going to be your year, and if you want to be not just the pretty but also the trendy bride, here are the major trends that will be big in the New Year. Take notes.

Dresses with stand-alone sleeves

Arm warmers or stand-alone sleeves were seen again and again on countless 2018 bridal fashion runways. They were either attached to the dress itself or totally independent. Just take a look at collections of Inbal Dror, Monique Lhuillier or Rime Arodaky and decide how you feel about this trend.

Dresses with bell sleeves

Besides stand-alone sleeves, retro bell sleeves have also made their appearance on many runways. Even though they are retro, they don’t require a vintage inspired dress to make them work. And while a couple of designers opted for boho-inspired sleeve looks, others were more turned towards romantic ball gowns or mini dresses.

Dresses with upgraded, cascading shoulder bows

Even though bows on wedding dresses aren’t big news, we saw them streaming down from ones that barely touch the elbow, all the way to ones that graze the floor for the first time this year.


Photo by Ömürden Cengiz on Unsplash

When it comes to wedding gown trends, what was old is now new. Apparently, corsets are back again and they are better than ever. Countless designers were proud to show them off, bringing the antique trend back to life. It is bold, sexy, elegant and classic. In other words, corsets always win the dress game.

Dresses with hemlines that go from high to low

Two words: November Rain. Even though these appeared in the mentioned music video more than 20 years ago, they eventually found their way back again and reappeared on the fall 2018 runways. Galia Lahav, Gracy Accad and Sareh Nouri are just some of the many designers who embraced this Guns N’ Roses vibe. If you can see yourself walking down the aisle with your personal Axl Rose, note that you can easily find these trendy bridal dresses online.

Dresses with next generation “tush bows”

The ‘80s butt bow has gotten a new modern twist and now looks cooler than ever. It no longer has that stiff, stereotypical bow shape. Instead, it is now waist-accentuating, fresh and even seems a little bit undone. Just take a look at this one from Viktor & Rolf and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Dresses with updated Watteau backs

The 18th century aka the original Watteau back gave the illusion of having a cape with its fabric that was hanging from the bride’s shoulders, reaching the floor. The new, updated and modern version is a little less daunting, but still gives you something to trail behind yourself when walking down the aisle – if you are not a fan of big veils. Also, the back is often removable so it won’t bother you on the dance floor.

Dresses with black details

Photo by Morgan McDonald on Unsplash

Apparently, the black and white combination has always been and will always be the best and classiest option. Runways were filled with either totally black gowns or white gowns with black details (that are, and we can all agree on this one, simply more wedding-appropriate). Black belt, black hat or even a black bolero is definitely the way to go this year.

Capelets and Capes

Even though they have been popping up on the runways for the past few seasons, this year they are better than ever. Many designers opted for topping off their gowns with these fun accessories that were either super detailed or completely clean and modern. Winter and fall brides should definitely consider this option.


If you want to add some extra fun to your wedding day, you should definitely opt for a dress with feathers. Many designers used them on pretty much everything – from skirts all the way to sleeves and even entire dresses such as Mira Zwillinger on her 2018 spring collection.

What do you think about the newest wedding gown trends? Let us know.

Contributing Author: Claire Hastings is Australian designer, writer and regular contributor at ripped.meShe’s been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Social media links:  facebooktwitter