Winter fairytale wedding decoration tips

Who doesn’t love the idea of a winter wedding?! Call me a hopeless romantic but there is something so magical about it that thinking of creating a winter wonderland for my big day instantly gives me goosebumps. If you know exactly what I’m talking about and you are making plans for your fairytale wedding in winter, then you are in the right place. Take inspiration from these tips to plan the perfectly charming wedding celebration and make it memorable!

“It’s a nice day for a white wedding.”

When it comes to planning your celebration, embrace the season to make a unique and lovely wedding decoration. The options are truly endless so feel free to exaggerate and let your imagination run wild! White flowers everywhere! Besides that it looks gorgeous and sophisticated, whitish flowery decoration also reminds of snowflakes and is perfect for your big day. Decorate your wedding aisle in winter fairy tale theme adding crystal garlands and a bunch of white candles to make it shiny and romantic, or go even further and add faux snow and snowflakes.

Decorate ceiling with hanging snowflake ornaments in a different size to create extra wintery, snow day look. Think all-white with silver accents for your tablescapes. Combine glittery whitish tablecloths (glamorous!) with beautiful white china (it makes everything so elegant) and silver ornament centerpieces (plus silverish napkins) in glass vases. Adding fluffy white feathers around centerpieces and crystal elements add up to the spectacular and shiny magical theme. As you can see, there is never too much décor at winter weddings, so make it sparkly!

Magically colorful land of wonders

You can’t make a mistake when it comes to color palette for a winter wedding celebration. If you want something stunning that will leave your guest speechless as soon as they enter the venue, then creating a colorful wonderland theme is the perfect option. And when I say colorful, I mean it! Step away from all-white décor and opt for bold, strong colors. Use white as a background but put the accent on rich, saturated color shades such as royal purple or violet (in the light of recent Pantone color of the year announcement), burgundy or royal blue.

Decorate with different shades of blues or create a moody, romantic theme with dim lights in purplish tones in combination with warm, yellow candlelight. Use tree branches or small trees as a centerpiece with a lot of dazzling hanging crystal ornaments and colorful flowers. Just imagine the breathtaking photographs you can take in such a colorfully decorated venue. Well, one thing’s for sure, your wedding photo album will be unique. Speaking of, renting PhotoBoothMe Christmassy backdrop (OR ordering a custom one and make it more unique) will most definitely amaze your guests and you will end up with a bunch of goofy but heart-warming photographs for your photo album. Whether you opt for a monochromatic color palette or a combination of your favorite colors, your wonderland wedding will have it all – fantasy, drama and a pinch of magic!

Rustic meets vintage

For all the lovebirds out there, planning on hosting their wedding celebration in a rustic venue, here are some tips on how to add a finishing touch to your perfectly vintage décor. Use all natural materials and decorate your tables with interesting centerpieces that you can DIY and that are budget-friendly or opt for lanterns for a super cozy atmosphere.

Add Douglas fir to everything since not only it looks good but also smells divine. In contrast to the green fir add cinnamon sticks and small red details (some berries to keep up with the nature theme) around candles for the Christmassy vibe with a touch of romance and great smell! Add a spring of rosemary to your napkins (red, dark green or beige are all great colors for napkins to inspire Christmas spirit) and use plain colored china, nothing too fancy or too detailed. Get creative with place cards and write in hand the names of the guests. You use pine cones as seating card holders or make a small fir wreath for the cards.

There are so many great decoration tips for your big day but the final choice is up to you. Whether you want to create a glamorously elegant atmosphere, magical fairy tale or charmingly vintage you won’t be mistaken! Take inspiration in these tips and use them as a base for your décor with a lot of personalized details to create your own, perfect wedding. Whatever you opt for, make sure you have a lot of fun and enjoy with your beloved family and closest friends.

Contributor: Nina Simons