Top 7 Wedding Photography Trends

Weddings are an all-year round affair. More and more couples are willing to spend for professional services. Photography services have improved over time, offering captivating photos as lifelong memories for one of the most important events in a married person’s life. We can see expos and online websites with thousands of wedding photography inspirations that made it possible for couples to browse different themes and styles for their dream wedding.

However, there are some themes and trends that have come to pass. Some have stayed, but some have been replaced by newer ideas. How do we know exactly what trends to look out for when getting ready for a wedding shoot, or a prenup shoot? In this post, we will be talking about the top 7 wedding photography trends.

1. Bridal Portraits

Let’s face it, the bride will always be the star of the wedding. One of the trends we should look out for are creating beautiful portraits of the bride, separate from the groom. This can be done during the preparation time before the wedding and after. The usual backdrop could be simple or fancy, but must not subdue the bride’s presence in the photo. Solo portraits are a nice way to highlight the beauty and elegant feel of the bride on her dress.

2. Naturalistic Expressions

Gone are the days of overly dramatic photos with serious expressions and unnatural settings. More couples opt for a natural poses such as laughing, or being comfortable together. They also tend to pick natural settings such as the beach, grasslands, coffee shops, or even as urban as the street. This kind of photography will dominate the present and future scenes at it captures the personalities for the soon-to-be-wed couples.

3. Dreamy Lighting

Dreamy lighting never goes out of style. Though some couples prefer the dark tones, weddings are usually give off a bright, dreamy, light-hearted feel. That is why the photography of each wedding is usually shot in natural lighting to capture this look. To achieve this, morning or afternoon sun is preferred, to avoid too much harshness and less problems in editing. Morning and afternoon allows soft light to highlight the subject’s features but at the same time does not reduce the color quality.

4. Daughter and Dad Shots, Mother and Son Shots

Another growing trend is the capturing the sweet moments between the daughter and her dad, as well as the mother and her son before the wedding. Sometimes, a wedding may symbolize the parents “giving away” their sons or daughters to unite as another separate unit of family. This is a very bittersweet sentiment and some couples want to cherish this by capturing a photo that symbolizes this moment.

5. Overhead or Aerial Shots

Taking photos of something in an angle you won’t usually look at is especially unique. It says something about the couple’s story like it is seen in the “big picture” or the “grand scale” of things. This shows a sentiment that no matter how overwhelming the whole world is, two people found love in each other’s presence. It’s mysterious yet personal, vast yet intimate.

6. Themed Photo Booths

Before, photo booths used to be with generic backgrounds where you can put funny hats and hold witty signs. Now, photo booths have upgraded and those in the business are allowing their clients to have customized photo booths. They can offer a special backdrop, have customized frames for the guests to hold, and can even make the props similar to a favorite movie or a TV show that the couple likes. This can be a fun memory for the attendees and would make the photographs look interesting.

7. Backlit Photos

Backlit photos will always be classy and beautiful. When made with natural light, it makes the shot look very romantic, and gives a special highlight to the couple. This can both be used during prenuptial and wedding shots, where the couple is usually situated at the middle front of the light, as if making them ‘glow’. This is very popular in natural settings such as a garden with trees where sunlight is peeking through.

If you’re a couple looking for inspiration, you may want to consider these trends and share your ideas to your photographer. You can take one of them, or combine them as a part of your wedding or prenup shots. Don’t hesitate to make inputs show sample photos to make your preferences clear. After all, it’s your wedding. Make it a dream come true.

Contributor: D Scott Carruthers is a well-known photographer based in Anaheim, California. He has achieved success in the photography industry after having opportunities to work with musicians, fashion models, and national advertising agencies. For more details, visit Carruthers’ official website.