7 Tips for an Affordable At-home Wedding

You’ve been imagining your wedding since you were little, you have an image of it in your mind, but that image is blurred by the enormous cost of the venue, music, flowers and all the rest of it. And as much as you want the perfect wedding, you don’t want to spend all your savings and start a new life with the person you love penniless. You can have the wedding you want, as long as you have the reception at home. Here are seven tips for your perfect at-home wedding.

Find a wedding officiant

This is the first thing you need to do once you set the date. Before you arrange anything else, you need to be sure that the person who’ll give you their blessing is available on that date and able to perform the ceremony where you want them to.

Get help

A wedding planner would be a great idea, since they will have a fresh set of eyes combined with their experience of organizing weddings. Also, you will need help with setting up chairs, cooking, waiting, parking and cleaning up afterwards. Make sure you have all these things covered. You don’t want your closest family members or friends to end up serving drinks.

Plan your guest number wisely

Your garden might seem big to you, but make sure it’s big enough for all the people you want to invite. If you don’t have a tent, you have to be prepared to host all your guests inside your house in case of bad weather. Bear in mind they’ll come in cars they need to park somewhere, they will have to have chairs and tables and room for dancing. It is, therefore, very important that the number of people you invite is reasonable.

Find your guests a place to stay

Some of your guests might want to stay at your house, but, for the majority, you should opt for a hotel near you. You don’t want to stumble over people and fight over who gets to shower first on your wedding day. There’ll be enough to do without having to prepare breakfast for a bunch of people in the morning before your wedding or tripping over somebody’s luggage.

Rent what you need

You may need to rent chairs and tables, so rent enough for all your guests to sit during the ceremony and festivities. And don’t forget about the little things like dinnerware and barware, linens or napkins. A tent could be a good idea, so that you can continue with the celebration if it rains. Plus, you should rent several portable bathrooms, since the one inside your house won’t be enough for all your guests and you don’t want them lining up in front of it. Finally, if you’re not good at making your own decorations, you can rent those, too.

Clean your house

Although you’ll have the ceremony outside, some people will want or need to get inside your house, too. Spruce up your house on time, perhaps a week or so before the wedding. You can even hire a cleaning crew to have everything deep-cleaned before and even after the wedding. Also, make sure you have nice and modern floor rugs, colorful curtains and maybe some in-house decorations, so that the inside of your house looks as festive as the outside.

Talk to your neighbors

Let them know about the party well in advance. That way, nobody will be mowing their lawn in the middle of your ceremony and there won’t be any barbecue smoke from your next-door neighbor’s garden. Also, they might let your guests park in their driveways and not nag about extra cars in the street that day. You might even invite them or at least buy them little presents for being so understanding.

Don’t let all these preparations scare you. They’re not impossible to do and you can end up with the wedding of your dreams after all. And try not to stress about what could go wrong. Whatever happens, it’s a celebration of love and it will surely be a nice story to tell one day.

Contributor: Diana Smith