Winter Wedding Beauty Essentials

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The snow-clad mood of the season and the magical holiday spirit create the perfect wedding atmosphere, to be at least as beautiful as the exotic flowy summer receptions that are the talk of the town every year. For every bride-to-be, the season plays an important role in the design of the gown, the choice of venue, as well as the theme and other essentials, and the bridal look is no exception.

Without further ado, ladies, it’s a nice day for a white wedding, so let’s dive into the crisp silver glow of the following months and decide on your beauty essentials that will complete your dreamy bridal ensemble and give it a final touch of frosty perfection!

Beat the winter blues

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But this time, we’re focusing on a different kind of blues, and that’s the infamous winter lighting that tends to bring out the dreaded dark circles under your eyes, and all the smallest imperfections we’re all bound to have, more or less. Since it’s bluish in nature, you’ll need a light-reflecting foundation such as ReVive to eliminate this effect and bring out your most wonderful complexion tones.

Work with frozen braids

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Although an originally Boho chic option that’s summer-friendly, braids are in fact one of the most beautiful hairstyle choices ideal for your winter wedding. Medium and long hair allows for plenty of playful styles, from the classic French braid, to the more intricate and “messy” vibes of the Viking queen Lagertha. You can also add natural ornaments such as greenery or delicate white flowers, depending on your hair color and the style of your choice.

A splash of color

Such an alabaster backdrop makes for a dream-come-true environment to wear some of your boldest lip shades. The classic red lip, or the latest Ombre trend will work well with your ivory dress and any hairstyle whatsoever. Then again, you can opt for a deep purple, or any other darker hues that either has a warm basis with red undertones or darker, blue-based colors.

The hidden touch-ups

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Some skincare and hygiene tips may require additional dedication even before the big day. For instance, your skin will have to get accustomed to the harsher weather conditions, dry winds and be ready for rain and show. That means more moisture and proper hydration to keep away the dull and dry look. Another hidden beauty element you’ll need if you’re getting hitched during “those days” are the trusty JuJu menstrual cups that will keep you safe, dry and comfortable throughout the day!


A Cinderella moment

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I know that the strappy sandals are your go-to wedding footwear, but if you plan to celebrate your wedding day surrounded by snow and chill, then you’ll both need a pair of pretty closed-toe shoes for the ceremony, and another, more sensible pair in case you feel the need to change during the reception. This season is an ideal period to test out the suede and velvet trend, or even opt for the crystal clear transparent shoes for a fairytale touch!

‘Tis the season for some sparkle

What better way to personify the spirit of winter if not through a touch of radiance? However, moderation is the key to a truly frosty look, and you’ll achieve perfect balance if you opt for a single sparkly spot for your glitter. It can be your classy pumps, your gentle cheeks or your eyes – make it subtle and elegant, and you’ll become the Snow Queen for your wedding!

Condition, rinse, repeat

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On another important hairdo note, just like your skin requires an extra layer of moisture for winter, you shouldn’t neglect your gorgeous locks for this special occasion. In the months before your wedding day, make sure you use deeply conditioning products such as the Dove’s Quench Absolute conditioner for added lush to your winter mane.


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