5 Rules on How to Rock Your Engagement Ring

Not everyone is accustomed to wearing fine jewellery every day, so when you get proposed to, you can catch yourself panicking: what am I going to do with my ring? There are many tips on when and how you should wear your ring, as well as on how to take care of it so that it doesn’t get damaged, and we bring you some of those that we find to be the most helpful. Read on to discover the most important rules for rocking your engagement ring.

Diamonds are breakable

There is a widespread belief that diamonds are unbreakable, and that they can’t be damaged. Even though diamonds happen to be the hardest naturally occurring substance found on Earth, they are far from ‘unbreakable’. Despite their natural hardness, it is still possible for a diamond to get chipped and fractured, which is one of the reasons why you should take special care of it. Try to remember that the prong mountings, even though very secure, don’t protect the ring from damage which can occur when you, for example, knock very aggressively.

Know when to leave it on…

While it can be tempting to take your ring off every time you wash your hands to prevent soap from dulling its shine, you shouldn’t do it. It takes time for you to get used to wearing your expensive ring, and if you start taking it off every time you wash your hands, you risk forgetting it in the bathroom of a restaurant or a mall. By the time you remember that you’re not wearing it, it might be too late to find it. You don’t have to take it off when you’re washing your dishes either, just make sure you put on gloves to protect your hands as well as the metal and the stone from harmful chemicals.

…But also when to take it off

On the other hand, you don’t have to leave your engagement ring on all the time. While going ring-less may be strange, especially when you’re used to wearing it on your finger, it might be wise to leave it at home on certain occasions. For example, you should take it off when you head for the beach, as cold water can lower your body temperature, causing your fingers to shrink, resulting in your engagement ring simply slipping from your finger and disappearing in the deep water. Also, it’s best if you don’t wear it when you’re working out, nor during some hands-on activities such as golf, tennis, and basketball.

Manicures are non-negotiable

Having manicured nails is a must, as you will be not only showing off your ring, but will probably snap a few selfies or even have a full-on engagement photo shoot. If you’re going for a more sophisticated and elegant look, opt for dark red nail polish colours, but if you are hoping to get a more romantic vibe, choose nudes or pinks. Also, if you have shorter and square nails, you might want to go for a darker, opaque nail polish, as it draws attention, but if you have longer and rounded nails, you should pick a lighter, sheerer colour.

Clean it regularly

Rings get dirty easily because of all the oil and dirt build-up, which dulls their shine. Shiny diamond engagement rings are easy to clean, and you can even do it at home. Add a few drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent in a mug full of warm water and mix it. Drop the ring in it and let it sit for a few minutes (you can even leave it in overnight if you want to), and when you take it out, gently scrub both the stone and the basket with a baby toothbrush (one with the softest bristles). Clean your ring at least once a month, and don’t forget to cover your drain while doing it.

Your engagement ring is something you will keep for many years to come, and maybe even pass down to your grandchildren or great-grandchildren. It’s important to take good care of it, but that doesn’t mean that you should keep it locked in a safe. Wear it with pride and let it always remind you of the great love you and your partner share.

Contributing Author: Claire Hastings is Australian designer, writer and regular contributor at ripped.meShe’s been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Social media links:  facebooktwitter