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Chakra Clearing & Healing

Hey yogis this week is different- I will be reviewing another blog on WordPress! Yes, I know, I am sad too- I wish I could provide you with solar plexus healing but right now you need to really focus on grounding yourself, healing your sacral chakra and now going to check out Love of Life Yoga Blog. The blog I will be reviewing is from the inspirational Dr. Alan Viau.

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He lives and does yoga in Ottawa, Canada where he lives with his “sweetheart of 35 years” and they have three adult children living elsewhere in Canada. Before Alan turned 56 his doctors told him he had three cancers, kidney, bladder, and prostate.

In 2015 during the time of numerous hospital visits and other surgical procedures his sweetheart introduced him to yoga. He fell in love with it. That’s the start to my favorite love story. People who seem…

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