7 Theme Wedding Ideas for Skiers and Snowboarders

If you’re going with a snowy theme for your wedding thanks to your interest in winter sports, there are lots of ways to bring that through to your celebration. From the stationary to the décor even through to what you wear, there’s plenty to work with. Here are seven great ideas to go with this theme.

1. Use ski resort stationary

Rather than sending out normal invitations and place cards, you can be a bit more imaginative with what you do. If your favourite resort (which may even be your venue) has ski passes, information cards, or so forth with blank backs, you can have your stationary printed onto the back of them. You could also hire a graphic designer to work with the look of their ski passes to create your invitations around the same design. This will really bring the feel of the wedding together.

2. Build your gift registry

When asking for wedding gifts, consider working with your theme to help them get into the mood. Put down new equipment for the pair of you, clothing to wear on the slopes, and accessories that you may need. It will freshen up your ski wardrobe for the next season and give you what you really want, instead of the usual homewares.

3. Turn your reception venue into a ski lodge

Getting the look of the reception venue right in the first place may be a toughie unless you are actually using a resort, but the rest is all down to decoration. Throw around some thick, furry rugs, overstuffed chairs which are loosely grouped around wooden tables, ice sculptures, and fake powdered snow. You can even have some skis and boards balanced up against the walls as if just discarded by skiers, or project images of a snowy slope as if out of a window.

4. Create unique centrepieces

There are lots of ways you can give your centrepieces that winter sports makeover. Try using wintry flowers such as snowdrops, and place them into vintage containers such as old snow boots. If that’s too much of a stretch, consider getting wooden vases and commissioning an artist to carve ski motifs on them.

5. Serve a winter menu

Make sure that your food is a winter warmer feast, whether you’re serving a set menu or buffet. You could even steal the menu from your favourite ski lodge to see what kind of food people want to eat when they come off the slopes. Think warming stews and soups, cheese fondues or melted camembert with cranberries, hot salads, meaty sandwiches, and hot mulled wine or hot chocolate for drinks. A glass of champagne is easily incorporated into theme by mimicking the cold thrill of snowflakes settling on your tongue.

6. Something old, something new

Even if your bride wants a traditional wedding dress and your groom is donning a suit, it’s easy to incorporate your theme into your looks. Ski-shaped cufflinks, snowflake jewellery, snow boots instead of heels under the gown, or even a faux-fur trimmed cloak to top off the dress – all of these are great ideas. For your something old, you could use something that you have worn on the slopes many a time.

7. The cake

A snowy slope of white icing topped off with figurines of the bridge and groom heading down the slope in full wedding attire – need we say more? This one will be a hit with all of your guests.

You can really go wild with a theme like this, and the best part is, as enthusiasts, you probably won’t need to use all of your budget to make it happen.

Sophia is an experienced traveller and photographer who loves winter sports and mountains. Whenever not working at SnowPak.com, she’s at the slopes in the US or Europe. She’s also keen on yoga and fitness.