How to Organize a Perfect Backyard Wedding

A backyard is the new ballroom, at least that’s what wedding planners are saying today. There’s nothing better than saying your vows in a place that means a lot to you and holds many meaningful memories. If your parents have a huge property, your grandparents have a ranch or you have a country home, the yard can be turned into a perfect wedding venue in no time. However, there are always things you need to consider before you send the invitations. Here is how to organize a perfect backyard wedding.

Make a guest list

Does your property have enough space to comfortably fit 150 people? If not, consider making some changes to the list, because an overcrowded wedding screams disaster. Some couples want to combine indoor and outdoor spaces, but if the weather’s not perfect, most of the people will choose to stay inside. Can your living room handle that many people? Can you make a wide enough aisle? Well, it’s easy to find out, because experts say that every guest needs approximately six to ten square-feet of floor space for row-seating so just do the measuring.

Beautify your yard

If you choose to have a backyard wedding, your yard has to look perfectly manicured. You’ll want your lawn to be in the perfect shape, so better start preparing at least six months in advance. You can maintain your lawn by yourself, or hire a pro to help you out. You can also consult experts when it comes to other landscaping, sodding and planting. If you want your yard to be in full bloom on your wedding day, you must find the appropriate planting times for your flowers. You can also decorate your yard with flower arrangements and charming lighting. If you put up garden lamps, lanterns, string lights and candles, you’ll create a real fairytale atmosphere.

Check with your officiant

If you want your marriage to be recognized by the church, you must know that some wedding officiants aren’t allowed to perform ceremonies outside their place of worship, otherwise, your marriage will be invalid. So, always make sure your officiant is able to give you their blessing at your location. You’ll want to do that well in advance to avoid some unpleasant surprises on the day of your wedding.

Rent, rent, rent

You probably don’t have a hundred folding chairs, two hundred plates, all the eating utensils and napkins just sitting in your shed, which means you’ll have to rent. Rent enough chairs and tables, so everyone can be seated during the ceremony. If you need some extra room later, you can remove some chairs and make space for dancing and mingling.

Be well prepared

Unexpected weather conditions are the main enemy of backyard weddings. You should always plan for the worst and provide your guests with some cover in the event of a storm or scorching sun. If you go for a tent, make sure it has sides to keep the wind and rain from falling in. Unbearable heat can be just as challenging as rain. Make sure your chairs and tables aren’t in direct sunlight and that there’s plenty of shade, drinks and fans. Shade structures are quite a popular option for Australian outdoor weddings, so you can contact companies like Malibu Shade Pty Ltd that can hook you up with sails. If you don’t have any protection, make sure to have a plan B where you can move your ceremony in case of a weather disaster. Make sure to write both addresses in the invitations, and provide your guests with a number to call to find out if the ceremony has moved.

Once you’re finished with all the preparations, your yard will be ready to host the wedding of your dreams. Make sure to take enough photos, so you never forget that beautiful day.


 Contributed by Diana Smith