This Will Make Your Wedding Pawfect


Everyone knows how important it is to have your best friend be there for you during the most important day of your life. And for many people, this best friend is someone who has the most soulful eyes, the softest fur and someone who just can’t stop wagging their tail when they see their beloved owner. So who wouldn’t love to have a wedding outside during lovely Australian spring while their furry friend is there to make this significant day even more special. However, it’s not that simple to just bring your dog to your wedding and make them a part of it; it’s really important to consider your dog’s personality as well as the venue and everything else. Here are some things to think about before you start planning your wedding with your furry friend as a special guest.

Your pet’s personality

Even the best-behaved dog can become unpredictable if put into a situation it finds stressful so think carefully whether it’s a good idea to have your dog at your wedding. If your dog is shy and gets easily distressed in huge crowds or it tends to get aggressive, it’s definitely not smart to have it at the wedding. But if it’s obedient and knows the basic commands like ‘stay’ and ‘sit’, then there shouldn’t be any bigger problem. Also, take into consideration that there will probably be kids at your wedding and that means your dog will most likely be chased all around the place the whole day. While it’s understandable you want your dog to be a part of your big day, think carefully how the whole thing will affect your dog: will it be excited and happy or stressed out and nervous? So, make a decision that is the best for your dog.

Get a dog-sitter

After you’ve decided your doggie is enough well-behaved to attend your wedding, it’s still not the best idea to just let it loose. Instead, you should think about hiring a reliable dog-sitter service. Not only will they be there to make sure your dog doesn’t make a mess (like eating the wedding cake) but they’ll also make sure it doesn’t eat the food off the tables, it gets plenty of water, and they can even take it home earlier before the party really gets rowdy. Having a dog-sitter at your wedding also means you won’t have to worry about your pooch as it will be in safe hands.

Will your dog have a role?

Is there anything better than seeing your furry best friend going down the aisle and bringing you your wedding rings? All dog owners would agree: probably not. And what better way to make this day super special than having your loyal friend actively involved in it. But, if you’ve decided to give a special role to your dog, make sure it’s safe. While it is super cute to see a dog in a tux, your dog might not be too trilled in it, so make sure it’s comfortable.

Check with the venue

If you’re planning to have your dog at the wedding, it’s important to check with your venue if they’re pet-friendly before you book it. Today there are plenty of affordable wedding venues in Sydney that are happy to accommodate your pet. Just make sure there is always a bowl of water and treats available as well as an easy exit if they start barking.

Pet photography

It’s impossible to have a wedding without taking photos and if your dog is there for the wedding, it should definitely be in the photos too. However, it’s important to notify your photographer about the pooch. That way, the photographer can be prepared for any possible situation that might occur and they can even think of some fun photography ideas.

There is no doubt that your dog will make this special day even more memorable, just always be prepared to expect the unexpected and whatever situation occurs, laugh your way through it and enjoy your day.

Contributing Author: Olivia Williams Jones is Editor at High Style Life