How to Plan an Eco Friendly Destination Wedding

People are more environmentally conscious now than ever before. Travel has the potential to impose a negative impact on the environment, which causes adventurous lovers of the planet to hesitate before they purchase a plane ticket. If you’d like to have a destination wedding, you probably have some concerns about what damage you may be doing. With eco friendly travel on the rise, it’s easy to squash most of these concerns by planning with the environment in mind.

Choose the Right Disposables

If you plan on having an outdoor or casual wedding, you probably won’t be using a lot of real glass or metal when you’re serving your guests. You don’t want to leave a lot of trash behind, which may cause a dilemma. Many companies are creating biodegradable foodservice materials that break down much faster. These alternatives may be costly, but on the other hand, you’re saving tons of plastic from reaching a landfill.

Avoid Packing Up Hotels

Hotels generate a lot of waste, and they’re expensive. Your guests could save bundles and eliminate some of that waste by opting for a flat share instead of a traditional hotel. They’ll have access to a kitchen, so they won’t need to rely on restaurants or pre-packaged foods to feed themselves while they’re away. By staying with an eco-friendly host, they might also have access to recycling services or even be able to stay in a home that utilizes some kind of renewable energy.

Use Minimal Decoration

Wedding decorations are often made of mass produced plastic, or are made of paper that hasn’t been responsibly sourced. Why not make the most of your destination by keeping the decoration minimal? Responsibly harvested flowers are a beautiful touch at a destination wedding, particularly if they’re native to the area. If you find a beautiful spot, there’s no need to festoon it with things you’ll have no use for once the wedding is done.

Shop Locally

If you pick a destination that already has boutique beers and wines, as well as exceptional local produce, there’s no reason to import anything. By purchasing your wedding supplies locally, you’re helping the economy of the area while also reducing the amount of fossil fuels that were required to make your wedding come alive. Nothing needs to be shipped over a long distance to get to you, and you’re getting an authentic experience on top of it all.

Only Invite the People Who Are Most Important to You

Planes use a lot of fuel. If you need to fly to your destination, there’s not much you can do to prevent those emissions from being released into the environment. What you do have full control over is who you invite to your destination wedding. By keeping things intimate, you’re reducing the amount of people who need to fly. Invite your family and closest friends – there’s no reason to drag out old school yearbooks and invite everyone from your office to travel for your special day. You can always have a small event back home if you’d like to share your celebration with people who aren’t deeply embedded within your inner circle.

There’s an alternative to almost everything. It’s absolutely possible to have an eco friendly destination wedding as long as you’re using the right alternatives. It may be a little more costly in the long run, but it’s worth it to know you’ve helped protect the planet that you love.

Contributed by Ruthie who is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences. She loves to write articles that make lives of others easier. She’s an avid reader and traveller.