5 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

A wedding should be everything you have ever wished for! This is why choosing the perfect venue is critical to getting an exceptional wedding day.  If you’ve started looking for venues you would know by now that there are many different places where you can host this once in a life time event. The key is choosing somewhere that has outstanding service, presentation and reviews. Make sure to amaze your guests with these easy to follow tips!

Step 1: Location, Location, Location!

When deciding on a venue a few things to consider is the location of the ceremony and where the guests live. Taking these two points into consideration will help you to choose a location that is best suited for yourself and your guests. When planning the ceremony site it is recommended to choose a reception area that is nearby. This will avoid being stuck in traffic and having your mother-in-law complain about traveling to the other side of town. Another recommendation is choosing a venue that is close to where the majority of your guests live. Planning around these two points will help you to avoid guests post-wedding complaints.

Step 2: Outdoors or Indoors?

Deciding between an outdoor or indoor wedding can be a hard decision to make. If you are leaning towards an outdoor venue you must remember that nice weather is not always a guarantee. This is why I suggest choosing a venue that hosts the reception inside and has an outdoor feature. A perfect example of this is an outdoor patio or deck that you and your guests can enjoy.

Step 3: Old or New?

In with the new and out with the old? Or the other way around. Do you picture grand ceilings and a heritage feel or a sleek and modern look? Wedding venues are not hard to come by but a beautiful one that mirrors your picturesque wedding does. Think about your own style and personality and mirror it in the venue you choose.

Step 4: Get Cultured!

A wedding is a tradition that ties two people together. That is why a persons’ culture and traditions should be showcased while tying the knot. To keep the tradition going choose a perfect wedding venues that can specialize in you and your partners nationalities. Be sure to enquire about any of the venues packages that may cater to your needs.

Step 5: Top Notch Service

Choose a venue that is known for outstanding service and food. The best way to know if a venue will meet your expectations is to inquire about any catering, service or venue awards they have won. If a venue can make the cut against judges then I’m sure it can win over your toughest critique.