4 Modern Day Wedding Must-have Gadgets for 2017 and Beyond

Technology is constantly evolving.

Your parent’s wedding happened in the stone ages.

Now it’s your turn. Here are the essentials to having the best wedding ever.

1. High quality music

What’s a wedding without music?

Probably not a wedding…

Whether your music comes from simple speaker or a world-class surround sound audio system, a great wedding needs great music.

There are two aspects of music you want to look at: how the music will be played and, just as importantly, what music will be played.

If you want to play your own music and save money hiring a DJ, you can use modern Bluetooth speakers to have great sounding music at a low cost.

Speakers like the UE Boom 2 let you connect multiple speakers together.

You can create a filling sound in a large room for cheaper than hiring a professional DJ. Your guests will still be able to jam out all night long!

There’s even an app for iPhone called WeddingDJ that lets you wedding playlist, accept requests, and more!

But let’s say you want to hire a DJ.

Make sure they have the right equipment and know what type of music you’re looking for. Heavy metal and the cha-cha slide probably aren’t the best pair.

Are you going for old school R&B, country twang, or maybe classic ballroom music? The music you choose all depends on your tastes.

Just make sure you, your DJ, and your guests are all comfortable with what you decide.

2. Modern photography, with drones and GoPros

Just like every wedding needs music, every wedding needs a photographer.

They capture the beauty and joy in every moment of your special day. These are memories that are going to last forever.

Modern photographers are now using modern technologies to capture your wedding moments from literally every angle, with action cameras and drones.

Drones are essentially small helicopters with cameras that can take pictures and record video from the sky.

They are useful for capturing beautiful scenic video, taking photo of large groups, and garnering reactions of excitement and amazement from guests as they watch the drone in action.

And action cameras are fun because, well, they can go just about anywhere.

Stick one to your robotic bartender to keep an eye on the drunks.

Throw one on the DJ since he or she likely has a fantastic view of your reception.

If there’s a dog at the wedding (and there better be a dog at the wedding), you can even put the GoPro on the dog.

With modern technology, you can capture memories from every angle.

Try to find a photographer who’s capable of something like this and you’ll have hours and hundreds of memories by the end of the night.

3. Projectors and TVs

A TV? At a wedding? You might be asking yourself, “why? at a wedding?”

Yes! It’s all about the memories.

Having a way to showcase your relationship on the big day is invaluable and can make your big day even more special.

With the right backdrop, a projected video or slideshow can awe your guests and really shine light on the beauty of your relationship.

After all, that’s what the whole day is about – you.

4. Wedding Snapchat filters

Ever heard of Snapchat?

If you haven’t heard of it, you might be living under a rock… or you’re just not a teenager.

Anyways, it’s an app that lets you send and share pictures and videos with friends and family.

A cool feature are Snapchat filters. They’re like stickers and pictures that you can overlay on your Snapchats.

They highlight where the user is and what they’re doing.

At first, these were only available for certain places and events. However, now you can get one for you very own wedding!

You can get a custom Snapchat filter from a service like Blissful Filters.

You don’t even need to know how it works. Blissful Filters does everything for you!

Wrapping it up

That was four things you MUST have at your wedding.

They all make your special day even more special.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below!

Author Bio

Christopher Pratt is the cofounder of Blissful Filters. When he’s not helping a couple achieve their dream wedding, you can find him hanging out with friends and eating steak. Lots of steak.