How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Engagement Party

Contributed by Angela Berry, Editor of Ripped Me

It’s the last hurrah before the knot is tied. If weddings are the ultimate celebration of new beginnings, engagement parties are the perfect opportunity for both the bride and the groom to say goodbye to the life that came before. This party can be more informal than the wedding itself, and it can be done in several ways.

Well, as it goes with most things, this depends heavily on the sensibilities of the bride and the groom. There are several things that have to be taken into consideration before the party gets going, and choosing the perfect venue is on the top of the list.

Who will host the celebration?

Traditionally, the parents of the bride take on the responsibilities of hosting the engagement party. However, a new trend has solidified in recent times which sees couples organizing it on their own. Also, it has been deemed appropriate for anyone close to the couple to take on the party preparations.

Depending on which “party manager” ends up getting their hands dirty, venues can vary greatly – you can end up getting anything, from a very respectable and formal dinner in a nice restaurant to a wild party in a rented nightclub.

Factors that determine the venue

No matter who organizes the party, the budget issue has to be addressed. The engagement party marks the beginning of the wedding planning process and everyone has to be on board with the fact that all the expenses will only go up from there.

Take into consideration the fact that both the wedding and the honeymoon can be very expensive, and set your budget in stone. This will help you narrow down the venue options significantly.

This is where everyone in the “organization committee” should start thinking about the guest list. The number of people invited has to be adapted to the chosen venue (or the other way around) and the best choice is to have a much smaller party than the wedding will end up being.

If the parents have taken on this responsibility, there’s a great chance it will end up being a family affair; however, considering how the wedding will end up being a big family reunion anyways, this might be a good chance for the friends of the couple to let loose and have a wild, youthful party.

Of course, you have to make sure the venue in question is available on the day you plan to have the engagement party. These are not the only factors, but they cover the basic ideas.

Choose a theme

Today, there’s an entire subculture built around these events, which becomes evident if you just start browsing through all the amazing engagement party venues from which you can choose, and find the perfect fit for you and/or your friends.

If you want it to have a tropical theme, find the venue near the water (or ideally, on the water), if you want to go for something more ghoulish, it can be a costume party in a gothic club, or you can have a party inspired by a certain historical period.

Set up a dress code, guests actually like that. People love if you give them directions, but try not to give them strict ones. Let them still have a wide array of options. If you set a “fancy” dress code it’s an ideal way of saying you want them to be formal but still letting them choose their own style and version of what “fancy” is. The good thing is that you’ll probably end up with a party full of designer fashion and your guest will feel fabulous about the way they look.

One of the advantages of choosing a theme is that you can actually save money by sticking to a certain aesthetic and have all the decorations homemade, thereby avoiding to spend on all the fancy distractions and decorations that end up adding up to a fat bill.

Sustenance is the heart of the party

There is no engagement party without food and drink. Some venues come with a catering option, and this can range from a rich array of meals to small party nibbles. On the other hand, if the place you have rented is one of those “what you see is what you get” deals, you can hire a catering agency from the area.

They are always very considerate and can provide you with insightful menu ideas which can be very flexible according to your budget. Just remember – if the engagement party takes place in a nightclub, you can’t have only drinks, the guests will need real sustenance to keep them on their feet throughout the night. If the engagement party takes place in a restaurant, planning out the menu as well as the timeline of various dishes is in order.

Just like the wedding, the engagement party is a celebration of love. No matter how it turns out, the most important thing is that everyone has a good time and revels in positive energy. The venue, as the backdrop of this celebration, plays a pivotal role in creating the vibrant atmosphere, so choose carefully.

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