7 Relationship Tips for the Newly Married

Every newly married couple faces the same difficulties in building up the relationships. We have collected the list of the most useful advice for young couple, which will help to avoid conflicts and improve the relationships.

1. Respect each other.
Mutual respect is the basis of love. If you do not respect your partner then expect for trouble. Analyze what has damped the reputation of your husband / wife in your eyes, and discuss it with him or her. Let your partner understand that you do not reproach, and you want to understand the problem together, in order to restore the foundation of your relationship that you value. Always try to discuss the problems, in order to avoid problems and scandals.

2. Come to terms.
Often, starting a family life, the young couple has some conflicts. In such a situation, as a rule, every one is trying to realize his vision of family responsibilities, norms and values. Very often they do not coincide completely – that is why the conflict may arise. To avoid it, you should show flexibility. The desire to dominate, even if contrary to common sense – is the quality of the immature person who has not yet learned to see the essence and perspective. In the end, you may lose a loved one. That is why, being flexible will help to avoid serious circumstances.

3. Be sincere with each other.
Sincerity is the measure of the highest confidence, that is why this quality should be valued and cultivated in the family properly. You must learn not to be offended by the truth, and be thankful for it. Anyone can lie to you, while to say everything honestly and sincerely is capable only a person who really trusts you and realizes that. In other words, a distortion of reality is a time bomb. Do not immediately refute the criticism coming from the loved one: perhaps you will realize that it is constructive, and it will help you to become better – for yourself and your relationship with your loved one. In addition, do not insult his trust – on the basis of the things you heard. You should appreciate his honesty.

4. Surprise each other.
Life consists of small things, and while you are preparing one big surprise or a gift for your partner, it passes. Permanently. Do not waste your precious time! Use every even seemingly insignificant opportunity to surprise your partner. This includes not only an invitation to the cinema or a restaurant, but also the daily attention, sincere compliments and warm words. All together those little joys will make up one big happiness.

5. Respect each other’s parents.

Many problems can be avoided for newly married couples, if both, husband and wife, are able to respect not only one another, but also relatives of each other, especially parents. The initial postulate is: these people (mother-in-law or father -in-law) gave the life to my loved one, and I should respect them at least for that. Also, do not forget that all the older people should be treated with respect.

6. Accept each other’s freedom.
God created us free, so we can not give someone independence – we can only accept or not accept it. When it comes to freedom of relations between spouses, most people think about the sexual sphere. Recognize the full freedom to your loved one! At first glance, it may seem absurd, but the experience of happy couples shows that the ability to take deep full freedom of his / her spouse is a necessary touchstone strength created by the union and one of the essential conditions for achieving truly harmony relationships. The problem is that having certain limitations or restrictions, a person will consciously or unconsciously look for any opportunity to get rid of them, which can lead to the degradation of relations. On the other hand, knowing that it is boundless trust, a normal person will appreciate it and will not allow any reprehensible actions. Moreover, he will behave in such a way, thus to contribute to the strengthening of his “reputation” in the eyes of the partner.

7. Take care of your partner.
Remember that your husband or your wife is your second half. Together you are the one, which must be protected and nurtured. Taking care of your partner, you take care of yourself and your children and your future. Take a look at everything that happens in the family, in order not to miss all the values – health, mutual understanding and peace of mind.
Be happy together!

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