Cool Rustic Wedding Ideas

Contributed by Diana Smith

Have you ever dreamed about a unique wedding enraptured in natural and vintage made details, held in an antique outdoor setting? If your answer is yes, and that’s exactly how you’ve pictured it, we’re here to help you make that dream come true. From DIY wedding invitations, through vintage centrepieces, to homemade desserts and an exceptional rustic altar, the entire ceremony and the reception will have a real countryside feel.


With the help of a bit of vellum paper, recycled taupe brown fibre, envelopes and a printer, your wedding invitations will look incredible. Manila tags can be used as the RSVP cards, so feel free to consider those as well. If you soak the tags in a bowl with five tea bags, leave them in it overnight, and dry them off later, you’ll achieve that flawless vintage design. As for the charming invitations, try to design the edges with Martha Stewart Craft punchers.

Wedding attire

No matter the season, era or venue, waistcoats make the perfect part of wedding attire for the groom. Layered under a jacket with a matching material, it will make the heads turn for the husband-to-be, for sure. The perfect way for the groom to channel his inner country gentleman is to go for tweed, plaid or houndstooth. Suspenders can look incredibly dashing as well, so if the groom is into this type of accessory, he should absolutely make it an indispensable part of his wedding attire. For a daring yet fashionable effect, the groom can choose a colour that serves as a stylish contrast to the rest of the attire. When it comes to the bride-to-be, a non-white wedding dress would fit in perfectly with the rustic theme. However, you can always go for white, or any other shade that complements your skin tone. Make sure to include some lace details, and maybe a couple of parasols for the bridesmaids as a cute touch. A vintage hair accessory always adds a rustic flair to the entire event, so consider some authentic hairpieces.

Colour palette

What better way to set a romantic scene on the happiest day of your life, than to include a delicate colour palette. Mix olive, sage, cream, burlap, and white to create a unique and soothing atmosphere. Wrap a seasonal fruit in burlap and tie it with twine to fashion an authentic organic favour for your guests. With cream flowers matched with green and sage foliage, the centrepiece will be exquisite. Add a dash of rosemary and olive branches to the mix for a flawless organic palette.

Wedding photography

One of the main things that will help you reminisce and remember all the wonderful moments from your glorious day are the wedding photographs. That’s why it’s vital to find a perfect photographer who will know how to capture the right moments and create memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Finding professionals and experts in wedding videography in Sydney can be a challenge, so make sure you look carefully and turn to those with good recommendations and a rich portfolio.


For a perfect rustic starter, consider including a cheese display as a welcome treat and a starter course. Offering at least three different types of cheese, some fresh fruit and toasted bread, the appetizers will surely satisfy all the guests’ needs and wishes. Strawberry shortcake can be the perfect dessert option. Also, if you want to make it truly unique, think about serving all the components family-style. If you add a basket filled with strawberries, and another one with sweet biscuits, alongside a bowl of whipped cream, you’ll have a delicious and beautiful dessert.

The whole beauty of a rustic wedding lies in the fact that you can immerse yourself into the whole event completely. Consider a couple of DIY ideas, go for authentic food and decoration, and with the right photographer, you’ll be able to show the glorious day even to your grandchildren.