Beauty Essentials for Brides-to-Be

In the excitement and fuss of wedding preparation, it is easy to overlook what might be the crucial to-do in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Even if your mind is almost completely overtaken by thoughts about the wedding dress, the hairstyle and other minor or major worries, you should not forget that the most important part of your bridal look is looking radiant. Taking time to care for your skin and hair is a task not to be underestimated and we will give you tips on how to best prepare for the big day.

Luscious lips

Lips are central to looking and feeling good while you walk down the aisle. Imagine how your lips split into a wide smile as you look at your future husband and naturally you want that smile to be dashing. And there is no break from smiling that day either – all of the guests will expect a smile or two from the stunning bride. This is why your lips must be moisturized and soft. In order to prepare well, exfoliate lips once a week and then put on a rich lip balm. Exfoliation helps remove dry skin and make your lips more luscious. It’s also easy. You can even do it in gentle circling motions with a toothbrush.

Radiant skin

No amount of makeup can cover all blemishes and spots, which is why you need to take extra care of your skin as you near the wedding day. Improve your beauty routine by adding regular cleansing and moisturizing sessions and never leave the house without sun protection, especially on your lips. Rely on tried and true products like Dermalogica skincare to get top-notch care for your whole body. Also, try to get facials once a month to give your skin an additional boost and put on a moisturizing mask from time to time. Finally, don’t forget to take good care your elbows, which is what happens to most brides. Add some sodium bicarbonate in your bath to get rid of dry patches and have velvety skin again.  


For your wedding day, you need to have healthy and well-polished nails. But before having your splendid manicure done, you must give up on all the bad habits that damage your nails. Most importantly – biting nails has to stop. Take this special occasion as an incentive to really work out this issue and learn how to grow strong and healthy nails. The good news is that if you moisturize your skin daily, you will minimize risks of your nails becoming cracked and brittle. Also make sure to integrate a lot of vitamin A and H in your nutrition and apply nail-strengthening formulas to get beautiful, sturdy nails.


Sleek and glossy hair doesn’t just happen. You need to invest time and energy in revitalizing your hair and the sooner you start, the better the results. Treat your hair with suitable products for your hair type and don’t skimp on moisturizer. Also trim your hair regularly and apply coconut or olive oil that are both great allies in achieving strong and silky hair. Finally, nutrition rich in iron, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids will stimulate hair growth and keep the follicles healthy.

Just as you won’t find your perfect dress in a day, you won’t achieve your perfect bridal look without a real effort. Avoid starting your preparation a week before the wedding, and instead, give yourself time to follow our advice and make sure to give your hair, nails and skin the best care possible.

Contributing Author: Claire Hastings is Australian designer, writer and regular contributor at ripped.meShe’s been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Social media links:  facebooktwitter.