Married At Sea… Not Really!

Patric and Isabelle were married by the Captain on a cruise. Well, not really. Weddings at sea outside of territorial waters are not legal. I was called upon to be the landlubber officiant to make it all good.

There is a myth that ship Captains can marry people. Their maritime license does not give them the legal authority to perform marriages. Like everyone else, they need to comply with a local jurisdiction to solemnize weddings.

But Patic and Isabelle knew this when they had a wedding ceremony at sea in March. In April, I performed their legal wedding with lots of martime themed decorations at the Courtyard Restaurant.

There was one special reference in their vows that was rather funny. Patric promised to only hold her butt cheek only once per day. This was in reference to a picture taken on the ship to that effect. We all had a good laugh.

Isabelle wore her same wedding dress. And it now all legal.