Trending: Minimalist Wedding Rings

On the heels of looking at minimalist wedding dresses, let’s take a quick glance at what minimalist wedding rings are like.

Minimalist is a movement. It’s main tenant is that consumption is not a bad thing. However, over-consumption is – especially conspicuous consumption. Some may believe that getting a big honking diamond is the pinnacle of this.

The minimalist approach is to focus on living by owning less “things”. Therefore the ones you do have are meaningful. In a way, it is a bit like Buddhism where you are not to be caught up with the trappings of the worldliness.

I have definitely been seeing a change in wedding ring styles in the 13 years I’ve been performing weddings. Brides and grooms today are having more meaningful weddings. They will spend less on the wedding and associated items so that they can save for a home, for example. In a way it is practical – but also a re-orientation from mindless spending.

I have been seeing minimalist wedding rings as a result as well. They are beautiful – just not ostentatious. And we are seeing more choices in them as well.

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