How Much Skin to Show at Your Wedding

There is a fine line between sexy and trashy in a wedding dress. One element is the amount of skin you show. Here are some right ways to do it and look fabulous.

Showing ‘just’ the right amount of skin on your wedding day can be tricky, there is a fine line between elegant and too much! With sexy dresses being one of the biggest trends of 2017, Morilee by Madeline Gardner has shown perfect selection of gowns that can help you show skin the right way on your wedding day.

All About The Back

Draw attention to your gorgeous back with an open back dress with beautiful detailing.



Going with a strapless gown allows you to show off those toned arms while still feeling feminine and sophisticated.


The Deep V

A low cut gown “done the right way” can be a great way to show some skin and feel sexy on your wedding day.


Strategic Beading

These gowns have beautifully strategically placed beads and crystals that give them a sexy yet glamourous feel.


Crop Tops and Sheer Paneling

Are a great way to share just a peekaboo of skin. Showing just the right amount of midriff.