“It’s My Wedding. Shouldn’t I Be Nervous?”

karenmikeI checked in with Karen to see how she was doing before going down the aisle. She seemed relaxed and having a good time. “It’s my wedding. Shouldn’t I be nervous?” she quipped. Not necessarily…and here’s how not to be.

At their planning meeting, I could tell that Karen and Mike were ready to have a good time at their wedding. I mean why not. They were having their wedding ceremony and reception at a brewery! My experience with performing weddings at the Mill Street Brew Pub is that people are ready to party.

It was pouring rain as I walked into the Pub. Mike related that they were outside for pictures for only three minutes.

I sought out Karen who was in the family bathroom getting ready. She was relaxed and having fun with the flower girls and ring bearer. She turns to me and says, “It’s my wedding. Shouldn’t I be nervous?”


Not necessarily I told her. It really depends on how uptight you are about every detail. I’ve found that if brides and grooms look at this event as a celebration – then small hitches are easily overcome. Relaxing allows you to go with the flow and let go of the small things that really don’t matter. It also helps you remember the moment better because you are not stressed out over every minute thing.

I reminded her and dad what to do coming down the aisle. Mike and Karen went with a song I suggested for the signing of the register- “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen – which got some laughs. We signed the register on a whiskey barrel.

I declared them married. They kissed and down the aisle they went directly to the bar. One good thing at this venue is that I can get a fresh cold one after my part is done.