5 Bridal Fashion Trends You Can’t Miss in 2017


A wedding day is definitely one of the most important days in every girl’s life, and it’s highly likely that the majority of brides-to-be have been fantasizing about it since they were 10. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind event that requires a stunning wedding dress complemented with a bunch of other details and accessories, and if you’re getting married soon, stay with us. Here are five gorgeous bridal fashion trends for 2017 you’ll absolutely adore!


Plunging neckline on point
A plunging neckline has always been considered to be something that not all could pull off. Many women find it too unconventional and over-the-top; however, the era of demure brides is far behind us, which is why a deep neckline has become one of the most prominent bridal features. Trust us – there’s nothing bad in accentuating your attributes with a wedding dress that perfectly follows your body line and features a bit deeper neckline than you’re used to!


Bridal capes instead of traditional veils
Bridal capes have become a huge trend in 2017, and these are particularly popular among the modern brides who’re not into wearing a veil. You can wear it either as a short capelet, or as a full-length bridal cape. Such a detail will add a wonderful touch of glamour to your bridal outfit, and the truth is that a cape gives it a bit of a twist, too. Remember that you can always take it off after a ceremony, which will help you come up with a different look at your reception.


High collars as the latest bridal trend
Wedding dresses with high collars undoubtedly emit that haute couture vibe every fashion-forward bride looks forward to. No matter which material you’ll choose, trust us – you’ll look like you’re wearing a dress straight from the runway. Of course, lace will give you an extremely glamorous and sophisticated look, while satin, as the all-time favorite, provides a more modern vibe. Bearing the high collar in mind, it would be great for you to come up with a stunning and sleek updo complemented with long crystal earrings for even better visual effect.


Feathers, feathers everywhere
When we say feathers, we obviously don’t think of those enormous pieces we can see in a burlesque show. Besides the fact that these are more than inappropriate for formal events like weddings, we can say that these are pretty much outdated and a bit tacky. Delicate ostrich feathers, on the other hand, are something completely different! Get your glam on with the simplest wedding dress complemented with loads of those wispy plumes – these will give your wedding outfit a really charming twist. You can always choose a mid-length dress embellished with those delicate feathers and match it up with simple yet effective white heels. Such an outfit will sweep everyone off their feet!


Off-the-shoulder model for the most romantic look
Everyone knows that off-the-shoulder dress provides the most romantic look, so why wouldn’t you incorporate it into your bridal outfit? As already stated, satin is one of the most wanted materials among the brides, so you won’t make a mistake if you opt for a dress made from this gorgeous fabric. On the other hand, if you would like something more urban, tulle is always a good idea. Pick a dress with off-the-shoulder details made from this fabric, which will give you a fluffy yet very sophisticated look. This will be an enormous trend in 2017 for a good reason!

As you can see, all of these five bridal trends are extremely versatile and stunning. We’re sure that every bride-to-be out there will be able to find something that perfectly suits her needs and personal style, no matter if she prefers a traditional cut or more modern one. If you’re getting married soon, remember that it’s your special day and have fun picking your perfect bridal outfit!

Contributing Author: Claire Hastings is Australian designer, writer and regular contributor at ripped.meShe’s been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Social media links:  facebooktwitter.