Tips and Tricks for Winter Weddings


Photography: Dan O’ Day

Although it has become a common practice for couples to postpone their weddings until warmer days, we’d like to urge you to stop for a moment and try to appreciate the wonder of winter weddings. Winter weddings have a specific charm to them and can resemble a real-life fairy tale if organized properly. The soothing silence of the snow cloak, unique snowflakes that embellish the sky and the crisp air that signifies new, fresh beginnings are alone enough to make this chilly season the perfect environment for your big day. So, before you completely rule out the idea of winter weddings, see how all the aspects of wedding organization fit together amazingly when organized in a proper manner.

Winter Venue Décor



One of the biggest challenges when it comes to winter weddings is finding an appropriate venue for the ceremony, as outdoor weddings are out of the question. Of course, this also has its perks, as winter weddings aren’t that favorable compared to spring or summer weddings, so you’ll have no issues booking your desired venue for a specific date. When it comes to wedding décor, the most flattering choices for winter receptions are surely the subtle combinations of white and silver with a touch of glass or crystal. Ice sculptures are an indispensable part of winter wedding décor, while you should also think about introducing candles, or luxury chandeliers for that grandiose vibe. Another important thing to think about is the air quality which you can improve by getting an air purifier for allergies.

Choice of Dress


Photo credit: Courtesy of Claire Pettibone

Chilly winter weather certainly calls for something cozier than a sheer, lacy dress, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look like a million bucks. Winter weddings are perfect for rocking that ice queen look which can be achieved quite easily by opting for refined cascading sleeves, godet flare skirts, a glamorous high neckline and just a bit of sparkle and jewels to lift the entire outfit. A fur cover-up, or an elegant bridal wrap are a perfect choice, while a somewhat dark and gloomy makeup will surely give you the look you are after.

One of the most inspiring winter wedding dress designers is undoubtedly Claire Pettibone, with her fairy tale like creations. All the wedding dresses images in the article represent her unique work.


Photo credit: Courtesy of Claire Pettibone

Flower Arrangements


Photography: Sarah Kate

Every season is embellished by Mother Nature herself and you should look no further than your backyard for décor inspiration. While this excludes fresh blooms and wild flowers, your winter ceremony can greatly benefit from charming winter elements like pinecones, holly and evergreen boughs. Eucalyptus pods, berries, hydrangeas, succulents and garlands make wonderful additions to an already festive setting.

Catering Options

Winter weddings call for rich delicacies, comfort foods and tasty treats. This is the perfect opportunity to bewilder your guests by offering them roasted root veggies, hot tomato soup and baked cheese appetizers, while desserts can come in a form of hot chocolate, lava cakes and s’mores.

Wedding Photography


Photography: Sarah Kate

Lastly, your winter wonderland setting is the perfect opportunity to do some amazing photoshoots. Winter offers beautiful scenery and it would be a shame to miss out on this splendid season because of a few frosty moments. Snowflakes, snow covered roads and naked branches with glimpses of white frost are the nature’s way of helping you spend this day in the most marvelous and magical atmosphere.


Photography: Dan O’ Day

There are a lot of perks of winter weddings and only those brave enough to face the beauty of this chilly season will be able to fully indulge in the complete magnificence of winter settings. Dare to experience the full enchantment of winter and spend the most important day of your life surrounded by the captivating delicacy of wintertime.

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