A Car Accident, A Fall – The Wedding Must Goes On


What’s the difference between a movie and live theatre? In live theatre – stuff can go wrong. The same applies to a wedding. Because it is a live event, you need contingencies or back up plans for when things happen. Roger and Shallee’s wedding needed such a back up plan.

Every bride and groom hopes for their perfect wedding. It is fabulous if it turns out that way. But hope is not a strategy for success. Being a live event, things can go wrong. Having things go wrong will ruin your day if you have no back up plan. Contingencies will give you the assurance that your wedding will proceed despite hitches.

Take Roger and Shallee for example. They were waiting for their limo to show up. However, the lime got into a car accident on the way over. The company they chose had other limos as back ups. Although they showed up a little later than expected at their wedding. They were not scrambling to find transportation.

On the way to the wedding, I slipped on a muddy patch and fell. I hurt my shoulder and leg. When I got to the Courtyard Restaurant, I cleaned myself up a bit and was able to go on. What if I had not been able to? I am with All Seasons Weddings who always have someone on standby just in case these things happen. For example, in 2015, I needed to cancel 3 weddings because of my cancer surgery. All Seasons Weddings was able to substitute someone else for me.

Roger and Shallee had a beautiful ceremony. A second time wedding for both of them. Roger is divorced and Shallee is widowed. They never expected to find love again. Roger’s daughter, Rosie, sang A Thousand Years by Christina Perri as Shallee walked down the aisle. We ended with a champagne toast with the 25 people in attendance.


The lesson for brides and grooms is this. When you are considering vendors for your wedding, ask about contingency plans in case things go wrong. If they are independent, do they have another colleague who can back them up? Wedding planners play these scenarios out and that is why they are worth the investment. They chose vendors who are reliable and make back up plans.