Best of 2016: My Favorite Wedding Moments

It is a fascinating experience being a wedding officiant. I show up about 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. Over the next hour, what I see is amazing.

I show up at a wedding venue 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. I touch base with the bride and groom. And then things happen, before, during and after the ceremony. Images of loving moments. Touching moments that make fond memories. Often the photographer is not there, or hasn’t seen it. The following pictures capture intimate instances that keep me believing in the beauty of weddings.

a-moment alec-and-sharon annruss
cathyjonathan danielle-cheers dsc01495 dsc02351 dsc02373 dsc02583 dsc02622 dsc02714 dsc02779 dsc02953 dsc02963 dsc02965 dsc03048 dsc03254 dsc03487 dsc03624 dsc03753 eggrolls family-walking hands-up


hannah-trevor-smile heather-and-ginette hot-wedding jenndavid-entrance load-em-up marc-megan-pavilion maritza megandad nathan-kelly2 nine-kids shoe-bling standing-on-the-dress sylvainstefan1