Best of 2016: Wedding Dresses

I’ve seen lots of changes in wedding dress styles over the 13 years that I’ve been performing nuptials. From roushing and mermaid gowns, brides have always been the pinnacle of fashion elegance for their time. This year was no different with brides displaying a growing trend in dresses.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by style changes. Here is a beautiful bride from 2009. You can see she is quite different from today’s bride. The big change came with Kate Middleton’s wedding dress that has influenced the bridal look since 2011.


Bride in 2009

Today’s bride will typically sport an A-line or Ballgown dress. Lace is still very popular. Although the strapless dress is classic, laced shoulders are becoming more prominent.

A bride’s dress color will usually not be a stark white. Because of the lace, usually the dresses are more off-white colored, which is more flattering to more people.

I’ve started seeing more short dresses and vivid colored dress (see the blue dress below). It really depends on the sort of wedding the bride is envisioning.

Veils seem to be in the 50 percent category. Some have it some don’t. I can tell you that veils in an outdoor wedding will give you challenges from their blowing around a lot.

I have three recommendations for brides:

  • Make sure your dress suits your shape and is altered to fit properly.
  • Accessorize with a necklace – for example borrow an heirloom piece of jewelry.
  • Shoes – if you are going to change into more comfy shoes, make sure they are the same heel height so your hem is ok.

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