Bridesmaid’s survival guide

Even though we never talked about our wedding days in your typical dreamy way or ever expressed the wish of getting married, we never really said that we’re against it. And, the moment has come. One of my best friends decided to tie the knot and appointed me a bridesmaid in charge. I personally don’t fancy your traditional weddings and luckily neither does my friend. Because of that, we decided that I will have full freedom of choice and use this opportunity to celebrate love but also show that not all bridesmaids want to get married badly or conform to your standard norms appearance-wise.


Celebrating the difference

Apart from celebrating love, I decided that we need to celebrate our differences as well. Really, who said that all bridesmaids have to look same? Not all dresses, hairstyles and makeup look flattering on different people. In that respect, I am proud to have been able to choose the looks that would look most attractive on each of us. Of course, I talked to other bridesmaids-to-be about this so that we could find the best possible options that would bring out our best features individually.


Adequate hairstyles and makeup

Just like there are many different body shapes there are also different face shapes. In that respect, not all hairstyles look good on every face. In order to look our best on this important occasion, I asked a professional hairstylist to match us all with different hairdos that would look perfect with our particular face shapes. We all ended up having a different hairstyle and we felt great! Of course, we did the same for makeup and went with the eye color rule for eye shadows and skin tone for the specific lipstick.


Gorgeous dresses

I must admit – this was one of the most challenging tasks we had as bridesmaids. But after a long discussion, we reached the conclusion that it would be best to find beautiful formal dresses that fit to our specific styles and body types, and achieve the matchy-matchy detail with something else. And in all honesty, how can anyone look happy and attractive if they’re not feeling the outfit they’re wearing?

Interesting footwear

One might think that footwear isn’t all that important, but if you’re not used to walking in heels it can become quite a troublesome aspect. For instance, I don’t really like high heels myself. So, all of us bridesmaids decided that we will go with one motif, which in our case were polka dots, but choose the shape and height of the shoes according to our own tastes. It was really fun going together and shopping for the shoes that would match our desired theme as well as the comfort each of us was used to. One of the bridesmaids opted for polka dot Converse shoes instead of sandals, ballerina shoes or stilettos, which brought out the sense of personality and individuality even more.


Flowery finishing touch

Apart from the polka dot motif on our footwear, we decided to go through with one completely matching detail in honor of our best friend about to get married. Namely, her favorite flower is white rose and we all added this flowery detail to our outfits. Of course, I thought that it would be best to add this beautiful accessory the way each of us feels most comfortable. In that respect, we had a white rose as a brooch, hair piece, choker detail and corsages to keep things themed yet unique. And few of us decided to go wild and wear the romantic bridal jewelry sets, as if it is our wedding.

Let’s be real here – not all bridesmaids dream of becoming brides as soon as possible, but everyone wants to look stylish and attractive for such an important occasion. It’s hard to get noticed and look your best in generic and typical bridesmaid attire so why not spice things up a little? Trust me, you can easily celebrate and support the union of two people and feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

Contributing Author: Claire Hastings is Australian designer, writer and regular contributor at ripped.meShe’s been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Social media links:  facebooktwitter.