Best of 2016: Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Every bride has an image of what she wants her bridesmaids to wear. The choice of the bridal party’s fashion says just as much about the bride as the wedding dress. It is a crucial element in the overall design and theme of the wedding. It really depends on the relationship that the bride and her party have and the style of wedding the bride is planning.

When it comes to the fashion choices for the bridesmaids, I see four options. Each comes with advantages and shortcomings:

  • Same dress style and same color – a great consistent look, however, the style may not be flattering to all your bridesmaids. Pastel pink was popular this year along with the perennial classic purple and navy blue.
  • Different dress styles each in same color – still achieve a consistent color theme look and the dress fits the bridesmaid.
  • Same dress style in different colors – a consistent style look with a variety in color variation that needs to be coordinated so the colors don’t clash and remain the color palette of the wedding them.
  • Different dress styles in different colors – offers the maximum flexibility and can be a distraction if the colors and styles are not coordinated.

Aside from these options there don’t seem to be many rules anymore. I’ve seen black or white dresses, short dresses vs the bride’s long dress. One warning; don’t outfit your bridesmaids in the same material as used in the tablecloths or runners. They will blend and disappear in the photos. The pictures will have them as suspended heads.

Mix and match is an option as well. I’ve seen the Maid of Honor in a different dress than the rest of the bridesmaids. Bridesmen are increasingly popular and they have a swatch of color to match the other bridesmaids – such as a tie and poof.

The only caveat is that the bridal party cannot out-do the bride. They need to be seen as supportive and part of the beautiful event.

Here are some of the gorgeous bridal parties I witnessed in 2016.

attendants-1 attendants-2 attendants-3 attendants-4 attendants-5 attendants-6 attendants-8 brides craignazliwalking dayna-party hayley kat-and-bms kristen-party lori-party megan-bridesmaids myka-and-party orlanne-bridesmaids tessa