Best of 2016: Wedding Cakes

We are at the end of 2016. I’ve performed 90 weddings this year in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Here are 25 wedding cakes that I’ve seen. What you can say is that each reflects the bride and groom.

I’ve observed the following trends:

  • Cupcakes and donuts seem to be decreasing in popularity
  • The wedding cake is part of the sweets table
  • The wedding cake is featured along with home baked goods
  • The layered wedding cake is most popular
  • Many brides and grooms are also going for the No Cake option

Best wishes to the brides and grooms of 2017 in choose their cakes.

blue-cake cake-1 cake-2 cake-3 cake-4 cake-5 cake-6 cake-7 cake-8 cake-9 cake-10 cake-11 cake-12 cake-13 cake-14 cake-15 cake-16 cake-17 cake-18 cake-19 cake-20


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