5 Exciting Wedding Trends for 2017

Brides are already busy planning their 2017 weddings. My friends at Fab Fete Event Planning Boutique just sent me what they see as new and exciting trends for the 2017 wedding season! Here is a great list of wedding trends that we will see in 2017.


The dress and décor is all juicier and bolder. Brides are saying goodbye to pastels and pale colours in exchange for daring tones, such as aubergine, burgundy, emerald, cobalt, and black. Trying to stay traditional? Have your bold colour as an accent piece, such as black charger plates.

Taking your wedding to the next level? Galaxy themes are hotter than ever and include all the deep, vampy colours that are so trendy for 2017. Galaxy cakes are the new naked cake, the new cupcake “cake.” Grooms are getting in on the fun with eye-catching, nebula-inspired ties, socks, boutonnieres, tie-clips, cufflinks, and pocket squares.


Late night stations have been around for a while, but the trends are creating new and unique ways to serve your guests up with great eats well after the meal is done. Why not have a late night breakfast station? Waffles and pancakes with all the toppings are sure to please! And as always, comfort food is still all the rage for weddings in 2017! After your formal meal, shake it up with a late night poutine, sliders, mac N cheese, or tacos. Food trucks also offer unique fare that your guests will remember!

Don’t forget dessert! Late night dessert stations are fun, delicious, and definitely Pinterest-worthy. Brides-to-be are loving fresh made doughnuts of all varieties: churros, beignets – the more sweet and fried the better! Brides are moving away from chocolate fondue in favour of exotic or unconventional sweets like deep fried Mars bars or Oreo cookie sandwiches.


One of the first steps to creating your perfect day is selecting a theme. The big and classic wedding themes are rustic, vintage, modern, glam, and traditional. Brides are not limiting themselves to just one theme now: for 2017, we are seeing blends such as glam and vintage, or modern and rustic.

Brides are even creating their own themes: tropical, nerd-chic, garden party, the roaring 20’s – brides aren’t limited by what has been done before!

Food is key for every event – and definitely what your guests will remember for years to come. Brides in 2017 are creating fusion style menus, usually a reflection of her and her partner’s heritage. Blend popular dishes to create memorable flavours! Why not poutine with kimchi, or tacos with foie gras? The menu is your oyster!


Flowers, flowers, flowers: a key element to the wedding. Brides in 2017 are either completely forgoing flowers, or supplementing flowers with other décor items. Many brides are DIY-ing custom bouquets with seashells, Lego, Scrabble pieces, or ribbons instead of flowers. Remember a few years ago when brides were making origami flowers? This is the newest manifestation of that trend. It’s completely customizable, and can also be reflected in the centerpieces.


This trend has be gaining momentum, and will be red-hot in 2017. The most memorable way of personalizing your wedding is through the favours – guests love to take home a bit of the happy couples’ personality. Do you and your future spouse love to cook? Why not send guests home with mini spice shakers with your picture on it, and your favourite homemade spice blend inside? Are you two gardeners? DIY small seed packets which will bloom to reflect the bride’s bouquet! Customize your wedding to truly reflect who you and your spouse are as a couple.