Five Tips You Didn’t Know About Wedding Videography

Planning a wedding is highly demanding job, but I know for certain that not one bride will stop until everything is absolutely perfect. I know that you’re probably thinking “if you want something done do it yourself”, but in this case you’ll need a clone or seven of them, because it’s physically impossible.


Unless you’d prefer to film your wedding and not be in it, there are things you should know about wedding videography, so you don’t make basic mistakes that might result in a disappointing video.

There’s a Whole Team Behind a Good Video

Other than the person behind the camera, you also need a makeup artist and an experienced wedding stylist if you want everything to go smoothly. Wedding videography needs to be a result of planning and professionals joined together to make sure everything is in perfect harmony.

Hiring a Friend is a Mistake

Unless you have a friend who does wedding videos professionally, you should be aware of the fact that hiring them is a mistake. Experienced professionals know the course of weddings and they are capable of following you throughout the whole process without any confusion whatsoever.


Audio Backup is Often Forgotten

Weddings tend to be crowded and relying only on camera audio often results in a lot of tone glitches. You should consult your photographer about this and if they didn’t plan on having a couple of remote microphones, you should definitely insist on this. The microphones necessary for this are not expensive and they are quite practical – you can easily place on the groom’s pocket.

You Should Organize a Rehearsal 

Of course, you’re having a dinner rehearsal to make sure everyone is properly trained and know exactly where their positions are, but this is an excellent opportunity to test your cameraman as well. I know that it may be difficult to switch to another person if you see that the current wedding filmmaker isn’t quite right, but you can fix most of the things you dislike about them after you see the rehearsal tapes.

It’s Doesn’t End at the Same Time as the Wedding

Before you actually hire a videographer, make sure to find out what list of services is included to their offer because your video won’t be done at the same time as the wedding, because it will require additional editing. After you decide on a theme you should coordinate video editing with it so that everything is in that particular spirit, which is why you need to have an experienced video editor right by your side.


Yes, I know everything would be easier if you could do it by yourself, but you need to have a little faith – well, after you do thorough research and make sure you’re on the same page with your wedding videographer. Don’t forget to have a good time – after all, it’s your wedding.