Would You Wear A Dip-Dyed Wedding Dress?

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white…and blue? And pink? And yellow? And orange?!

Yep, you read that correctly.

Gone are the days of an all-white wedding gown — multicolored, dip-dyed and ombré wedding dresses are the latest bridal trend to emerge on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, and the options are not only gorgeous, but endless. Whether it’s a swirl of warm and cool color palettes, monochromatic ombré, your favorite color or even a combination of sorts, you can now rock your own personal rainbow down the aisle.


The good news? There are plenty of easy DIY tutorials if you’re looking to add your own personal touch by hand — all you need to do is crank out the baking soda, salt and fabric dye of your choice, and then go to town.

Or, if you’re feeling a little bit less hands-on, have no fear: Some artists and designers actually offer customized dip-dying services for the alternative bride, because wedding inspiration has been taken to a whole new level this year, and anything is possible.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most gush-worthy dip-dyed and ombré wedding gowns to make all of your Technicolor dreams come true.

Lucy Scragg, a bridal designer from the U.K., created this blue ombré dress by hand. She said that she was bored of seeing the same old white wedding gown and wanted to “shake things up a bit.” That’s when she turned to the dip-dye trend, but notes that the process takes great precision.


The soft pink on this gown is taking us all the way back to those ballet lessons from childhood. This ombré tulle dress is custom made by Cleo and Clementine and looks like it’s straight out of scene from the Nutcracker.


Who says you can’t make all of your mermaid dreams come true IRL? For this photo shoot, the designer (who also happens to be modeling the dress in this photo) chose a perfectly paired turquoise fabric dye to mimic Ariel and Prince Eric’s storybook romance in “The Little Mermaid.”


This dip-dyed dress adds a little bit more intensity to the look, and we love how mesmerizing the saturated watercolor blend is.


This photo actually dates back to 2012, and was taken on top of a maritime museum in Estonia. The series of wedding photos is adorably charming, and the bride’s yellow deep-dyed dress adds a soft, sunny touch that perfectly accents the garden backdrop.


Source: From Today

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