Compile Your Own Wedding Video

Brides and grooms will definitely hire a dedicated person to take pictures of their wedding day. A videographer is perceived as being a nice to have. Now with today’s technology, you can compile your own wedding video for vivid memories of the event.


There is nothing like professionally taken photographs to remember your wedding day. The same can be said for a professionally taken and edited video. However, some brides and grooms tend to not go for the videographer.

With today’s technology it is amazing what can be done with commercially available tools. I was stunned at the video I received from one of my brides who pieced together a wedding video from various bits taken during the day. As Saskia said, “It’s nothing fancy or professional… just a compilation of cell phone, video camera and go pro footage we had. We also included the awesome drone shots.”

Take a look at the result. Pretty awesome.