The Hay Wagon Bride

One of the beautiful things about living in Ottawa is that you can travel from the city to the country in a heartbeat. So I ventured into the country for a farm wedding and was surprised as to what happened.

Have I seen it all.. no way. I keep seeing new things in weddings because all couples are unique and different… and I appreciate them all.

This wedding occurred about one hour south of Ottawa on a dairy farm. The ceremony site was in front of the groom’s parents house. We stood in front of a tree that the groom had planted a year earlier for his bride. The aisle was lined with cow drinking bowls decorated with a sun flower. The runner was a piece of burlap.


Cow Bowl

I noticed that the groom had a Holstein patterned tie (dad had a tractor tie). The eight groomsmen had 4 red shirts and 4 blue shirts adorned with a white bow tie.

Orlanne Groomsmen

The bride arrived with her 8 bridesmaids in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor. Four were in red dresses and four in blue dresses … all wearing cowboy boots and sporting a sunflower.

Orlanne Bridesmaids

The bride was helped off of the hay wagon in a tractor bucket and brought to the house where upon she was lowered to the ground.



Well, the couple declared their love for one another, signed the license, exchanged rings, kissed … and ran down the aisle as an exit. A happily ever ending that was perfect for them.