3 Wedding Décor Trends

There are some new wedding décor trends emerging. How to decorate your wedding reception is always evolving and frankly I like what is being displayed. Lounge areas are increasingly popular at receptions and their looks are changing.

Goodbye Shabby Chic

Good-Bye Rustic

Rustic has been really popular for some time. However, most of us have seen enough bird cages, barn doors, and mason jar centerpieces to last a lifetime.  What I love about the modern décor trend is that it’s a step up. The wood is polished, the furniture has angular and definite shapes, and the décor has a simple ease with bold statements (as opposed to mismatched clusters intentionally placed to look unintentional).

However, it is hard to move immediately from one trend to another.  The transition is furniture options where the tables have finished wood tops, but you can see the grains in the wood under the polish. There are still metallic touches, but moving toward chromes and high shine as opposed to the metallic in mercury glass. These transitional pieces help bridge into the new trend, but without taking you out your comfort zone or what might be see on Pinterest.

Beyond Chevron

Hello Prints and Patterns

Welcome in new prints and patterns. Fun prints in multiple colors and shapes are popping up. The preppy chic has moved from chevrons to different geometric shapes. A well-placed pillow or throw rug is a subtle way to add new prints. Or, go big, and do a printed linen on the dinner rounds, and make that the focal point in the event.  Even better is to find complimentary patterned linens, and give each table its own distinct yet cohesive look!

Texture forever

Love the Texture

Weddings are becoming more of an event experience. Little things you add to your design can up the experience factor, specifically by appealing to the senses. One way to do that is with texture. A visibly textured sofa at an event is inviting and comfortable, a rough spun fabric on a linen is interesting and the “flaws” draw the eye, and a differently shaped wall décor piece adds depth to the room, especially when paired with lighting. In a world where there is so much to look at, and we’re constantly blasted with the big, bold and the brazen, it is always a pleasant surprise to find a small, yet interesting detail that catches your eye. Like the design was made for discovery, and maybe, you are the only one to notice?

Texture is different from pattern because it awakens the senses, changing the experience. By searching out items which are meant to be examined and touched, you’re bringing your guests into a deeper experience of your wedding.