Marriage: Keeping the Love Alive

Chana Levitan, MSc., marriage therapist and bestselling author has written a new book based on the latest psychological research and her experience which is packed with vital information to help couples of any age stay married and keep the attraction going.

Her first book, I Only Want to Get Married Once looks at dating wisely and marrying the right partner.  Her second book, the just published THAT’S Why I Married You! is about how to stay married—happily married!


When we hit year 7 of our marriage, I was sure we were done. Things were not going well. It was a weekend retreat on personality typing that saved us. Learning our differences and appreciating them is what has kept us going now at 35+ years.

Packed with essential information, practical exercises, and more, THAT’S Why I Married You! helps couples discover why their partner’s unique personality traits aren’t just right for them but actually help in creating the perfect match. Chana Levitan guides her readers with encouragement, hope and concrete advice towards the marriage and life they had always hoped for.

The book includes insightful tips and helpful charts, and a plethora of real-life narratives of successful couples who made their personality differences work. Chana is passionate about strengthening and reinvigorating modern marriages.
Levitan explains, “Although we look for similarities when we date; after we get married, we soon discover just how different we are! These differences hold a promise for lasting attraction and growth, if we know how to use them.”
When a couple opens their eyes to the power hidden within their personality differences, they discover the many ways each spouse “completes the other”.  Research has proven that individuals are naturally attracted to someone who possesses significant differences (amid various similarities). These variances hold a tremendous power of connection and vibrancy if utilized correctly. Without the proper emotional tools and the right mindset, however, the differences can sabotage a relationship and wreak havoc in a marriage.
 Instead of allowing the differences to create distance between husband and wife, Levitan shows how to leverage these “opposing forces” to create the strongest bond imaginable for a successful marriage that will last a lifetime.