My Tips for The Perfect Wedding Kiss

Everybody waits for it – the moment the bride and groom kiss in their wedding ceremony to seal their vows. The audience cheers at the happiness of the event. Often advice for the first kiss tells you to Go For It, but falls short of the telling you how to. Photographers love how I coach couples to plan their wedding kiss. Here are my tips for a perfect wedding kiss.

I’ve seen brides and grooms kiss over a thousand times… quite literally. Over the years, I give advice to them at our planning meeting so that they can prepare themselves for the best wedding kiss ever. Like everything else in the wedding ceremony, you will have success if you prepare.

Photographers love my advice because it gives them the best opportunity for the most important picture of the ceremony. It also provides your audience the best chance for them to take a photo of you as well.

Hannah Trevor Kiss

The Set-Up

You need to get close together so that your bodies are touching. If you are uncomfortable with that, then be close to touching. You don’t want a pic of both of you with your bums sticking out. The grooms hands should be on the bride’s waist or hips…. not reaching for her buttocks or grasping her in a bear hug. The bride can place her hands on the groom’s shoulders… not around his neck or grabbing his face.

Absolutely no dipping!

The Kiss

When it comes to the kiss, I recommend holding it for about 10 seconds to give everyone time to focus and take a picture. Just a nice gentle kiss of the lips. Brides make sure your nose is towards the camera – usually the left side (clue the side the groom has the boutonniere on). Your faces need to be straight so that your heads are not tilting because it looks like you have a kink in your neck. Turn your head to his left side.

Absolutely no tongue or fish lips!

The Finale

During the 10 seconds kiss, I walk towards the bridesmaid, out of the photo frame. That way, the picture is of the bride and groom by themselves. I finish the wedding ceremony with the kiss, just like what you see in a movie. All I need to do is wait for them to dis-engage, then I instruct the bridesmaid to hand the bouquet back to the bride and I cry out “Welcome our newly married couple!” The music starts and they walk down the aisle – a happily married couple.