Keepsake ideas for your wedding sand ceremony

Your wedding is such a special event in your life. The many memories created are ones you will want to keep forever. A sand ceremony is a great way to have a ceremony that your guests will remember for years to come.

Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony celebrates the pouring of two different colored sands into one. The separate colors represent the separate lives and families. Combining the sand by pouring it together symbolizes the joining of the two lives and the joining of the families. If there are children involved a sand ceremony is a great way to include them in your ceremony. It is common during a family sand ceremony to give children separate colors of sand and involve them in the pouring ceremony.

Sand Ceremony Family

Many brides find it intimidating to plan the wording and scripting behind their ceremony. Most officiants will be able to help you find the perfect wording. Another popular way to combat this anxiety, is to try and find inspiration online for the details of the ceremony. Choosing a sand ceremony makes this part of the planning very simple, because there are many websites about the sand ceremony to get inspiration from.

If you are planning a wedding sand ceremony, here are some ideas on how you can showcase your memories forever.

Sand Ceremony Vases

Decorative Vases

There are so many options available for wedding sand vases. This makes keepsakes easy because you can use the vase that was used during the ceremony as your keepsake. There are many different vases available, so finding one that matches the theme of your wedding should be very convenient. To add a personal touch, many of the quality sand ceremony vases come with options to personalize. You can find them with initials of the bride and groom or sayings that add meaning to their marriage ceremony.

sand ceremony necklace

Sand Necklace

A great way to carry a piece of your wedding close to your heart, is to put some of your wedding sand into a necklace. Many of these come with trinkets inside such as lighthouses, message in a bottle, seashells or stars. There are also some great ways to DIY with a glass bottle from any craft store. Placing an eye pin into a cork top gives you the ability to attach lacing to a necklace. You can then customize the bottle any way you would like with hot glue, ribbons and trinkets. Keep in mind that the sand necklace will mix all of the sand together so there will not be any way to keep the colors separated.

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sand Ceremony Shadow Box 1

Shadow Boxes and Photo Frames

Shadow boxes and photo frames are becoming a popular way to display your sand ceremony keepsake somewhere you can enjoy every day. Most companies that offer the photo frames and shadow boxes will offer engraving options so you can personalize your frame or shadow box with your initials or names. There are also really beautiful frames available with photos in them.

sand Ceremony Shadow Box 2

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