The Girl in the Blue Wedding Dress

When brides envision their wedding dress, they are usually seeing something in white. Those few brides who do dare wearing a color will be a muted blush. Not this outgoing bride who wore a bright blue wedding dress.

When I started performing weddings in 2004, I would return home and my wife would always ask me, “What was the bride wearing?” I would sheepishly respond, “A white dress.” Over the years, I’ve learned that white is not usually white. It can be cream, off-white, pearl, champagne among other including pure-white.

But by and large, most brides wear some variation of white.  There are a few brides who venture into the blush pink or peach.

Then there are those brides who are confident enough to make a statement. They will wear a dress that defines who they are. And so this bride wore a stunning bright blue dress that suited her perfectly.

Blue Dress

Of course there is a story behind this.

Jeannine and David had been dating for a while and were on a trip together in Hawaii. It was at this point that David decided that Jeannine was the girl for him. They had been looking at rings and Jeannine mentioned that she loved this particular diamond encircled sapphire ring.

Once back at the hotel, David excused himself for a moment. He ran the four blocks back to the store and bought the ring. That evening, he proposed to Jeannine. It was a good thing she said “Yes!” because otherwise the rest of the trip would have been awkward.

In planning their wedding, the blue sapphire and white diamonds became their theme colors. Their decor and wedding cakes were all in blue and white.

Blue Setting

Blue Sweetheart Table

Blue cake

The two ribbons I used during their handfasting ceremony were blue and white.

So now you know the story as to why she wore a blue wedding dress.