Prepare for Your Big Day With a Healthy Bridal Plan

Your wedding day is coming up fast. After months of planning and making decisions about dozens of details, you are more than ready to say “I do” to your best friend and sweetheart. While you want the venue, flowers and food to look amazing, you have to look terrific as well. After all, all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle.

Beautiful African American woman looking at Camera
Beautiful African American woman looking at Camera

Whether you have six weeks or six months until your wedding day, there are a variety of things you can do to make sure your physical and emotional self is as healthy as possible. To help you get in shape before the big day, check out the following bridal boot camp tips:

Tailor Your Exercise to Your Dress Style

Wedding dresses are not created equally, so your workout should not be a one-size-fits-all affair. Different dress styles accentuate different parts of your body, so you need a workout that goes along with each type. For example, if you have chosen a gorgeous strapless gown, focus on exercises that sculpt and define your arms and shoulders. A fitted sheath wedding dress typically leaves little to the imagination, so a full-body workout burns calories and tones up all over.

You also should get out as often as you can for walks or jogs around the neighborhood. In addition to keeping you toned, regular exercise clears your wedding-full mind and keeps you on an even keel.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

While you might not be the blushing bride type, you do want your skin to look as radiant as your mood. Assess the condition of your skin as soon as you get engaged and add some tricks and tips into your normal beauty routine.

For example, to really refresh your skin, schedule professional facials every month or two. The aesthetician will massage your face, which increases blood flow to your skin and keeps it looking healthy. Adding skin care products to your daily routine is also a good idea. Just make sure to find products that match your skin type and sensitivity. As a bonus, if you don’t like wearing a ton of makeup, keeping your skin looking its best may mean you can get by on your wedding day with a minimal foundation.


Consider Vitamins and Supplements

In addition to eating as healthily as possible, it’s a good idea to add some vitamins into your daily routine. Start with a high-quality multivitamin that includes a wide “alphabet” of vitamins and minerals. Taking a multivitamin every day can act as a nutritional insurance plan of sorts and fill in the gaps on the days when your diet is less than ideal.

Flax oil is another supplement that is useful for brides-to-be because it is rich in essential fatty acids, known as Omega-3 and Omega-6. In addition to helping your skin look its best, essential fatty acids lower your triglycerides and boost your energy levels.