Plan Extra Travel Time Through Downtown Ottawa for Your Wedding

The downtown core of Ottawa is a travel sinkhole this summer. If you are in a wedding or going to a wedding, give yourself extra time to navigate through the maze for detours and slowdowns.

I couldn’t believe it. A trip which normally takes me 15 minutes took twice the time. I was traveling from one wedding at the Lago Restaurant at the Dow’s Lake Pavilion to a wedding at the National Art Gallery. Usually the drive along the canal takes 15 minutes. No trouble I though, as I was well on my way. Well it was no trouble until I got to the intersection in front of the Chateau Laurier. It took me 20 minutes to snail my way through and get to the Gallery. Whew – I was still on time though.

Not so lucky for my bride this week. The bride, groom and parties had gone to the Gallery to take some reveal photos and such. They were caught in traffic on the way back to the Ottawa Convention and Event Centre. Unfortunately because of this, their wedding started 30 minutes late. We still took a moment to take a breath and have a little fun.

Sarah & Suzanne

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful Scottish themed wedding ceremony complete with kilts, bagpipes and drinking whisky from a quaich ( pronounced quake). The drinking from a quaich is a Scottish tradition of welcoming and greeting of friends and family. It is required that you drink from the quaich using its two handles because then you cannot be holding a weapon. As such it symbolizes trust and sharing in a relationship.


After the stressful drive back, I was not surprised to see the bride take a good slurp – to the amusement of all in attendance.


As I was saying – plan some extra travel time if your are buzzing around the downtown core for a wedding this summer.