Five Hot Wedding Bouquet Trends

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important features of a wedding and has been carried by brides since ancient times. Back then, the bouquet was meant to ward off evil and often included odorous herbs, spices and even garlic. The modern bouquet seems to be returning to its origins, however. Check out these top five trending bridal bouquet designs for 2016.


Herbal Scents

Fragrant herbs are back in and many bouquets are including traditional lavender, rosemary and thyme. The scents from these herbs are often used in aromatherapy essential oils to evoke positive emotions that will create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for the bride, her bridal party and wedding guests.

But it isn’t just the fragrance that is making herbs so popular, they also accentuate the overall trending look and style for 2016.


Berry Beautiful

Berries are a welcome addition to the bridal bouquet, adding a new dimension to the traditional arrangement. The edible varieties such as Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries are the most popular although Gooseberries and other variations are a great choice to match a specific color theme.

It is best to use berries before they are entirely ripe to avoid them falling from the bouquet or creating frightul stains on the wedding dress.


Flights Of Fancy

Feathers are another ancient bouquet tradition that have been brought back to create a light and airy look to the modern bridal bouquet. Different varieties can be used to meet a unique requirements – from a touch of color to an edge of elegance.

The sheer variety of feathers available makes feathers an ideal addition and they are inexpensive to boot.


Metal Works

While gold and silver are traditional at most weddings, copper is taking a step to be included in bridal bouquets, especially for the Autumn season. Copper bands or ribbons to hold the bouquet as well as artistic spirals and whirls are being used to accompany the flower arrangements.

Don’t be worried if the copper hue does not compliment you flower choice. Conflicting and clashing colors are in, so feel free to let your florist experiment with this metallic element if you would like it included in your bouquet.


Just Picked Florals

Seasonal flowers that may have been an unpopular choice for bridal bouquets in the last decade have made a come-back. The bouquet depicts a more loose style that reflects a just picked look rather than a formal arrangement. Sprigs and sprays are trending while tightly packed posies have taken a backseat.

In addition to the fragrant herbs and berries, lush foliage is far more common for 2016 bouquets. The volume of foliage allows one or two blooms to take center stage, just like the bride on her wedding day.

The words vintage, bohemian and antique all come to mind when describing the bridal bouquet trends for 2016. These trends carry plenty of benefits for the bride giving her a wider range of choices and creativity to design the perfect bridal bouquet.

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