Tips and Tricks on How to Rock Maternity Dresses at Weddings

It seems to be the common mantra among women of always thinking that we have nothing to wear and when we become pregnant this feeling turns ten times worse. What really gets women scratching their head is when they are pregnant and they are invited to a wedding because they often find themselves at a loss as to what they can wear to look truly elegant and not like they are wearing a loose fitting sack that is easy on the belly.

Image credit: Laura Thorne, Flickr

It doesn’t have to be hard to dress for a wedding when you are pregnant. There are so many tricks to mastering this issue and staying true to your style and so with no further ado, the following is a list of tips and tricks on how to rock maternity dresses at weddings, so you can turn heads even when pregnant.

Show off your shoulders

One way of diminishing the bulge you have growing in front is by highlighting the thinnest part of your body during this time. This said, going for an off the shoulder maternity dress is perfect because you can show off the boniest part of your body, while detracting from the bigger bust and bump you have going on a little lower down.

Try a princess look

Let’s not upstage the bride here. You don’t have to go for a full blown skirt but going for a silhouette that is tight in the bust area but that opens into a balloon like skirt from your midriff down is an easy way of giving your bump room and getting the attention away from it.

Go for tiers

Tiered dresses are so on trend this season and bringing true romance to women’s everyday looks. For a subtle baby bump look, find a dress with a skirt that is layered in tiers so that your bump will still show but it won’t feel too front and center.

Shoulder drama

For a look that is super dramatic and one that does not put your bump too out there, try a dress that has a lot of drama on the shoulders and bust area but with a skirt that falls very straight and plain. Embellishment like sewn pearls or crystals will help you to draw the attention up and away from your bump.

Pattern play

If you want to show off your bump however, then playing with patterns is a great way of accentuating the belly. Whether it’s florals or abstract lines, pattern is a bold way of showing off the belly and helping you to cover other areas on your body you may not feel too comfortable showing off.

Cape dress

When you want to show off your belly but you prefer to hide your arms and your back, then a cape dress is an exquisite choice that will help you to do this. Find one in a strong color, like an emerald green or a rich blue and turn heads this wedding season.

Submitted by Regina Due