I am a Bad Influence at Weddings

I figure my job is to give the bride and groom suggestions for their wedding. I give them ideas to customize their big day and have a little fun. Sometimes I may be a bad influence.

They were already there when I arrived. At the Courtyard Restaurant, Danielle and her bridal party were relaxing 30 minutes before the ceremony.  This is a rarity as the bride usually gets to the venue only a few minutes prior to the start time. They were all chatting sipping on ginger ale.

Danielle relaxed

Seeing this orderly, calm and relaxed women, I told them the story of a 2014 bride at the same location who downed a shot with all her party just before the ceremony.

Bridal Shot
Bridal Shot in 2014

I stepped out for a moment and came back….and discovered they were now all going to do a shot. I caught that moment too.

Danielle Cheers

Danielle Bottoms Up

A few giggles were shared and some nervous energy dissipated. There are always interesting things that happen just before the walk down the aisle. Behind the scenes stuff that make the day memorable. And I am there to provide my bad influence.

There are clergy and officiants who have a strict policy of no alcohol consumption before the wedding ceremony. The Ontario and Quebec Marriage Acts do not mention anything about being sober as a requirement for marriage. Some might say I am a bad influence because I allow it. My experience is that in the over 1000 weddings I’ve performed, there has been only one groom who was questionably tipsy during the service.

Andrew and the guests didn’t know any this had gone on. Danielle was quite radiant as she walked down the aisle with Dad to meet her groom Andrew.

Danielle Aisle